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  • Remote Learning: Sharing Artwork

    Posted by Cassandra Gengras on 5/22/2020

    Guided Drawing


    Lucas- Mrs. Morgan's Class

     Lucas wanted to share his Sonic drawing and even though he misses making art together in the art room, he has been continuing to make lots and lots of art at home! I am so happy to hear this Lucas. Great job drawing Sonic and following all of those directions!



    Ciara- Mrs. Morgan's Class

     I was excited to see Ciara's art this week! I can tell she tried the blending technique. The lines and details she added to the tree bark makes it look more realistic. Great job drawing what you saw Ciara! I get the impression that this was a calm sunny day. What impression do you get? Why? E-mail me your thoughts!



    Ella- Mrs. Morgan's Class

     Here is another one from Ella! She saw a blue heron on a walk. She took a photo and drew a picture. Again, wow Ella! I get the impression that it was a calm but windy day because of the fast looking marks in the background. They are very impressionistic. What impression do you get? Why? E-mail me your thoughts!


    Ella- Mrs. Morgan's Class

     Here is Ella's impressionistic work. She did a wonderful job adding details, and bringing her sky all the way down to the horizon line. Way to go Ella, this is gorgeous. 

    ls  l2

    Liv- Mrs. Seaman's Class

     I can tell Liv really looked at her scene as she was drawing. I can also tell that she did some blending, as she was able to show both light and dark colors. You are a true impressionist Liv, great work!

    Teacher Appreciation


    Emily- Mrs. Morgan's Class

    I was SO honored to receive this beautiful work of art from Emily. She and her family reached out to wish me a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, and I couldn't be more touched. Art is my favorite gift! This is so cool Emily and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

    Frog Drawings


    Ella- Mrs. Morgan's Class

    Here is Ella's frog. Great job filling the entire page Ella. You also demonstrate so well how the lily pads that are further away in the distance, appear smaller. It's wonderful to see your work, and your face!


    Liv- Mrs. Seaman's Class

    Here is Liv's frog. I love your background and details in the water Liv! Your frog is very adorable.  



    Ava- Mrs. Bufano's Class

    Ava was excited about this project and was inspired to create not just one, but two masterpieces! Amazing boarder, details and color work Ava, wow!


    Logan- Mrs. Stevens Class

    Here is more art from Logan! He wanted to share the frog he drew, colored and cut out.  He was also excited to listen to the two Katie books. I love that you did your own thing with this Logan!



    Laura- Mrs. Furniss's Class

    Laura shared this amazing piece of surreal artwork. The bold colors and pattern contribute to making it a very strong piece. The way she curved the lines shows it's round shape, and makes it appear more 3-D. Way to go Laura!


    Logan- Mrs. Stevens Class

    Logan wanted to share the piece of “surreal art” he drew last weekend.  It is a face – with a wolf mouth, a mustache and colored people for hair. This is awesome Logan, and so surreal!


    Cam O.- Mrs. O'Donald's Class

    Cam did an amazing job filling his entire paper with a solid, bold background. The light colors he uses pop out against the dark black background. The details make the drawing stronger and even more surreal. Awesome job Cam, this is so cool!


    Eva- Mrs. O'Donald's Class

    Eva used bright bold warm colors to stand out against a white background in this eye-catching surreal image. The bold black outline really makes it stand out as well.  How surreal Eva, great job!


    Liv- Mrs. Seaman's Class

    Liv used a mix of media (collage and drawing tools) to create 4 surreal pictures/objects. Amazing work Liv, you are a true surrealist!

    lt  Salvador Dali- "Lobster Telephone" 1936. Liv's lobster with balloons may have been inspired by Salvador Dali's "Lobster Telephone". What do you think?!

    Artist Reproductionsga

    "Reproduction of Jungle with Setting Sun"

    Grace- Mrs. Hultgren's Class

    "I think Henri Rousseau is a really good artist. I really like that his art is really colorful. Today I re-created his panting called Jungle With Setting Sun." -Grace        

    hr  Henri Rousseau- "Jungle with Setting Sun" 1910. 





    Found-Object Color Activities   


    Mara- Mr. Caforia's Class

    This found object art was made by Mara. I think how she used the rug as the ground is really neat. Isn't it also so cool how she was able to make such a detailed picture with just square shapes?! This is great Mara, thanks for sharing!



    Poppy- Mrs. Morgan's Class

    These gorgeous color-wheels were created by Poppy. After noodling around with vibrancy of easter egg colors, this color wheel was created. Amazing work putting these together Poppy!


    Lily- Mrs. Sieffert's Class

    This gorgeous color-wheel was created with found objects. Lily worked on it with her sister. It's wonderful to hear and see this Lily!



    Emily- Mrs. Furniss's Class

    This gorgeous color-wheel was created with found objects. Emily did an amazing job showing all of the colors in the color wheel. She also painted this other great piece using each color of the rainbow. Great Job Emily! 


    Evie- Mrs. Stevens Class

    This gorgeous color-wheel was created with found objects. You did an amazing job showing the ranges of color Evie, wow!

    Line and Pattern Activities


    Dezi- Mrs. Stevens Class

    His subject was four rocks he collected.  He also wrote a note on the picture pointing to four things you can look for in his illustration. How cool Dezi!


    Kassandra- Mrs. Bufano's Class

    I see that Kassandra took her time with this drawing and used lots of line and color. Awesome job Kassandra!


    Cally- Mr. Caforia's Class

    Cally and her dad really enjoyed this pattern work activity. Amazing work Cally!


    Miss. Gengras

    I spent some time last week looking out my window and making this sketch. I observed and recorded what I saw. I plan to work on it more and add additional details this week. It was very relaxing!

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  • Parade

    Posted by Cassandra Gengras on 4/22/2020

    The Parade

    I just wanted to let you all know that I felt so special to be part of our distanced parade. Although it felt sad at times not to be able to stop and hug each one of you, seeing your faces was so wonderful. I had a blast decorating my own car, and seeing so many creative signs and drawings as we drove along. Thank you!!! I miss you all so much and I realize more than ever, we are all so lucky to have eachother. 





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