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Degrees and Certifications:

State of Vermont VT Level II Educators License Endorsement: 3-02 - Art PreK-12 June 13’ - 6/30/2020 University of Vermont Course Title: Building Students Self-Esteem and Communication Skills Fall 2010 Course Title: Art, Creativity and Happiness Summer 2014 Course Title: Decision-Making and Character Education Summer 2015 Course Title: Abnormal Psychology Summer 2016 Brandman University Course Title: Responsive Classroom I Fall 2010 Course Title: Responsive Classroom II Fall 2012 Teachers Apprenticeship Program (TAP) Licensing Preparation Program August ’09 - January ‘10 Central Connecticut State University Bachelors Degree – Art - Concentration: Sculpture September ’03 - May ‘05

Miss Gengras

Dear Students and Family Members,

This will be my second year teaching within the EWSD community, and I am super excited about the school year ahead! I graduated with a BA in Art from Central Connecticut State University, and currently hold a VT Level II Educator's License. I have been teaching art to elementary students for over eight years now, and I am delighted to continue working with such a wonderful community of learners.

I strongly believe in the facilitation of differentiated instruction, academic choice, arts integration, mindful, and brain-based learning. I look forward to facilitating events and activities both inside and outside of the classroom that will excite and inspire students to express and create.  I will model, motivate, and advocate for students as they grow and become confident, self-seeking learners.

I will continue to focus on building relationships while I am in the classroom over the next several months, and hope to connect and work with families in our community as well. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to discuss the specific needs of your child, feel free to email me at cgengras@ewsd.org.  If you prefer a phone call, I am available at Hiawatha on Mondays and Fridays at extension 4238.

Thank you and here’s to a great year!



Cassandra Gengras
Art Educator


  • Introduction to Line and Shape!

    Art students will begin the school year with an introduction to the elements and priniples of art and design! Artists will experiment with line and shape and discover that non-objective line and shape, can be and is often used to express emotion. 







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    2017-2018 School Year

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  • End Of The Year Art Projects and Announcements:

    Lots of art has been and will be coming home with students throughout our last weeks of school. Artists have portfolios, sketchpads and sculptures to take home. During our last art classes, we will be finishing up projects and making community posters to hang over the summer! Be sure to contact Miss. G with any questions or concerns. Have a great summer everyone!!!

    Puppeteers at work..

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    All students in the school voted on a final design. The image will be printed on our new bench which is in the works!

    After our 3rd grade design teams worked hard to narrow down yet include each and every Hiawatha student's ideas into revised drawings, we were left with 12 designs to choose from. Each and every students at Hiawatha got to vote on their favorite design and after narrowing it down again with another vote, a final bench design has now been chosen. We will be working on the next steps and taking action to purchase a bench over the coming weeks!

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  • Square1Art

    Orders have been placed and products will arrive back at Hiawatha by May 1st! Please contact Nikki Mahue from our PTO for more detailed information, or with any questions or concerns. Thank you all for your participation and suport with this fundraiser!

    How it works: each student gets to create a masterpiece in art class. The artwork is shipped to S1A, and then catalogs are sent back. Each family will receive a catalog and can order keepsakes with their child's art printed on it. Profits will be for our school. All students who participate (regardless of weather or not an order is placed) will receive free stickers with their art on it.  

    Link: https://www.square1art.com  

    S1A Self-Portrait

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    As you all may have been hearing through the news and other communications, our school is loooking forward to having a buddy bench. Most students at Hiawatha can tell you why this project is so important and meaningful.

    Buddy Bench

    I encourage you to ask them about it!  Each artist in grades K through 3 worked on a detailed design for their version of an "ideal" bench. It will be viewed and used as inspiration by a design team, for a schoolwide art project that will come to completion this spring.

    Students have put their hearts into these designs and I too, am grateful to have an opportunity to work on this project. 

    Here are students working on thier designs...

    Bench ideas..    Bench designs..   BB   BB   bb   bb

    Check out these links from the press as well!



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  • Cultural Dinner/Arts Integration

    Artist's prepared fine art and decor for our celebration of different cultures in back in Janurary. ELL artists created candles in celebration on Diwali, a holiday celebrated in India. Along with the candles, artists created beautiful elephant wall hangings. The decorations and patterns used were inspired by the elephants of India. Many students and families that attended the dinner stopped by the mosaic station. I look forward to creating mosaics with students in the future, as that particualr art form is appreciated in many countries around the world. Thanks so everyone who made it such a great night, and for your consistent celebration and appreciation for all cultures and communities.

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