• Pre-Tech

  • What is Pre-Tech?

    Pre-Technical education is a one year program for sophomores only.  Students who thrive in project-oriented learning with applied academics will do well in Pre-Tech.  Much of the learning takes place outside a traditional classroom.  Pre-Tech teachers favor authentic locations to engage reluctant students and to provide experiences for deeper and more relevant learning.

    Teachers create "teachable moments" by creating new and challenging experiences by exploring curriculum content from various programs offered at CTE.  Any student would find this program a refreshing alternative to conventional classroom instruction and Pre-Tech is particularly valuable to students who may be frustrated academically.

    Students who succeed in Pre-Tech are invited to apply for another career and technical education program their junior year.

    Typical pathways for Pre-Tech Students

    Pre-Tech 1 Poster Pre-Tech 2 Poster Pre-Tech 3 Poster Pre-Tech 4 Poster Pre-Tech 5 Poster

  • Entrance Prerequisites

    Applicants must have a 9th grade transcript that shows an award of five full credits including:

    • 1 Math
    • 1 English
    • 1 Social Studies
    • 1 Science
    • 1 Elective

    Curriculum Components

    Sophomores select one of the five curricular areas to focus on throughout the year.  All Pre-Tech programs are representative of all the programs offered at CTE.

    High School Credits Awarded

    One integrated credit each in:

    • English
    • Math
    • Science
    • Fine Arts
    • Physical Education
    • Elective