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  • We welcome a new student

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/15/2018

    smiling child

    Today we had the pleasure of welcoming a new student to our classroom community. Ask your son or daughter about our new friend. 

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  • Kindness is Cooler: Weekend Homework

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/12/2018


    Today we read the story, Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler. It's about a teacher who challenges her students to come up with one hundred acts of kindness. Her students demonstrate acts of kindness at school, at home and in the community. Today your child will bring home two paper hearts. Their job is to think of two kind acts they did over the weekend and to write them on the heart. On Monday, we will share our kind acts and hang our hearts from the ceiling. On Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon, your child will receive two more hearts each day with the same expectation. By Wednesday, we should have just about one hundred acts of kindness for all to see. Thanks for your help with this. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  • Mystery Doug: How do things glow in the dark?

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/11/2018

    Fighting gravity

    Students learned how things glow in the dark in today's Mystery Doug episode. We then watched a really cool video of a group of dancers wearing glow in the dark clothing. It appeared as if they were floating in thin air! If interesed, check out "Fighting Gravity" and the America's Got Talent auditions, 2010. There are several videos to choose from. For now, here is a link to today's episode. 

    Why do things glow in the dark?

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  • Making Learning Fun

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/10/2018


    Sometimes studying those spelling words can be quite boring. What better way to practice word patterns than to add some competition and colorful buzzers? The children definitely enjoyed this fun game-show twist to our daily word study routine.

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  • Why do we wear clothes?

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/9/2018


    Today in science we explored how different properties of clothing materials are good for different situations. You can help you child’s learning by asking them how they picked what clothes they wore today. What material is their clothing made out of? Why is that a good material for today’s weather?

    In class, students imagined that they were on a remote island. Using materials that washed ashore, they designed hats that would protect them from the sun. We solved the mystery, “Why do we wear clothes?” Be sure to visit our "Class Photos" link to see some of the cool hats the kids designed. 

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  • Mindfulness

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/8/2018


    Ah, don't you wish YOU had ten minutes every day to just stop and relax? -A time to clear your mind and be still? In room 25, we practice Mindfulness daily with a visit from Mr. Evans, our school counselor. Sometimes we listen to a quiet story/life lesson, and sometimes we practice our breathing. He often reflects with the children, and asks whether they liked the activity or not, and we've learned that all of the students really enjoy this time of the day. Thanks Mr. Evans!

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  • Using Post-its to show understanding

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/6/2018

    jotting   jotting

    In second grade students will "Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text." (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.2.1)

    One way of showing this understanding is through the use of Post-it notes to jot down our thinking. This week students practiced by stopping to think about the stories I read aloud to them during our Reading Workshop. You can help with this at home by asking your child to "think aloud" as they read their nightly reading book. Have them share the answers to the above-mentioned questions. Thanks for your continued support.

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  • Does FAIR mean EQUAL?

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/5/2018


    Today I handed each child a card with some type of injury or ailment: a bee sting, a cut leg, a headache, a runny nose, etc. One at a time the children read their card aloud, handed it to me, and I gave each one a band-aid in return. At first, it was confusing for them. I heard, "Why does he get a band-aid for a bruised knee?" and "She needs an icepack for a bee sting, not a band-aid!" Students quickly realized that I was giving out unnecessary band-aids, and not helping those who needed help in the appropriate ways.

    The discussion was FANTASTIC! I explained that giving out a band-aid to every child for their need was equal, but was it fair? Did every child have their need met? When students understood the difference between fair and equal, it wasn't long before students started to talk about our own class and the many different needs we all have, (academics, behavior...) Students realized that some of their classmates may need extra help in certain areas. Maybe math, or reading, or maybe a quiet break, or even time to step away from a lesson to reset their brain.

    When the activity commenced, I sensed a whole new appreciation for those who need extra support in one way or another, and a better understanding of how we can ALL help each other out, no matter what the need may be. 

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  • Teamwork!

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/5/2018


    We have quite the artists in our classroom this year. Today, Dylan decided to create a poster with all of his friends on it. He was so enthused about his artwork, that he invited several classmates to join in the creation. Now we have this AWESOME poster of the whole class on display. The best part? Listening to the positive comments and watching kids work together to accomplish the task. Great job! 

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  • Mystery Doug

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/4/2018


    Why do people in England sound different from people in America? That was today's question for the Mystery Doug episode. Here's the link if you are interested in viewing at home with your child.

    Mystery Doug

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  • Meet Mrs. Hultgren

    Hi friends. Thanks for visiting my page. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm thrilled to be in my 22nd year of teaching here at Hiawatha School. I have been teaching second grade for about 16 years, but I started at Hiawatha as a kindergarten teacher. I am super-lucky to share that I absolutely LOVE my job. I have a lot of fun with kids because, quite honestly, I believe that I still am a kid myself...

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