• Second Year Applicant Information


    (To be used along with the CTE Application Process)

    1. Discuss options with your current CTE teacher, school counselor and parents/guardian: Explore your options and discuss whether a second year at CTE is right for you! 

    2. Visit the program you wish to enroll in if it is different from your current program: CTE staff will help you coordinate a visit to a program of your choosing. If you attend to apply for an Apprenticeship position, schedule a meeting with the Co-op Coordinator

    3. Complete the CTE Application with your sending school counselor: Your counselor will need to verify that you are on-track for graduation, and indicate any “companion courses” that you would need at CTE next year. Your parent/guardian must also sign the application.

    4. Give your current program instructor a “Teacher Information Form” (available in CTE office or Student Services): Your teacher will complete this form and be asked to comment on your likelihood for success, including:
    * Ability to set and work toward goals (initiative and reliability)
    * Attendance
    * Attitude, cooperation, peer courtesy and job readiness
    * Grades for current year
    * Ability to meet program competencies and state standards
    * Worker Traits

    5. Attend Step-Up Day: If your application is complete, and you are recommended by your current CTE instructor, you will be invited to this all-day event at CTE. This is a very important part of the process for all applicants.

    6. Admissions Decision: You will be notified in April regarding your acceptance status.