Afterschool Programs at Summit Street School

  • Summit Street School is located in the heart of Essex Junction. The students are served by a variety of different afterschool care providers. 

    Essex Westford School District does not endorse nor vouch for any specific afterschool care service or provider. 

    *Note: The names listed below are only organizations that provide care on-site for Summit students or that supply transportation to or from the school as part of their programming.* 

    The Edge After School Program
    Contact: Jamie Brooks (802) 879-7734 x1114 
    Learn More at The Edge website
    Supplies bus to The Edge in Essex and care from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.

    Village Kids - Essex Juction Recreation and Parks (EJRP) 
    Afterschool Program, Grades 1-3
    Contact: (802) 878-1375
    Learn more at the EJRP website
    On-site care at Summit.

    K Village Kids - Essex Junction Recreation and Parks (EJRP)
    Kindergarten Program (combined with Hiawatha students) 
    Learn more at the EJRP website
    Contact: (802) 878-1375
    Provides care at 75 Maple Street in the Aspire Fitness Center.