Welcome to the ADL Trout in the Classroom!

  • What is 'Trout In the Classroom?'

    In December of 2018, the ADL science team welcomed a 55 gallon tank, a chiller and some bacteria into our lovely home here at ADL. 
     Fish Eggs
    We spent the next few weeks ensuring that the water chemistry was just right for the arrival of our trout eggs.
    After developing a healthy bacteria colony and bringing the temperature of the waterway down to mimic the streams of Vermont in January, we welcomed about 80 trout eggs!
    For more details, visit our Trout in the Classroom Blog!

    What happens to the trout?

    The eggs will live in a small basket for the next several weeks. Once the fry (baby fish) are strong enough to negotiate the entire tank we will let them roam free. 
     Students are helping to monitor the chemistry of the tank to ensure the fish have a healthy environment. 
    Later this spring we will be releasing the adolescent trout into a nearby stream. 
    Stay tuned for updates and photos! 

  • The image above shows our "alevin" or newly hatched trout.  They still have the yolks attached and are not yet feeding independently. 

    We are waiting for SWIM-UP to happen in a few weeks!