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  • Frequently Asked Questions about CTE:

    I want to apply to CTE. What is my first step?

    See your high school counselor. They can help you with the application.

    How do I know I will qualify for CTE?

    See your school counselor. Discuss your graduation plan.

    Are CTE programs 1 year or 2 years long? 

    Some programs are 1- year programs. Others have an option for a second year. You can also complete one program in the 11 th grade and another in the 12th grade.

    Can I visit CTE to figure out which program to choose?

    This year, you can do virtual tours for each program on the CTE website . You can email program instructors with any questions. 

    English is not my native language. Can I talk to someone about CTE using a translator?

    Yes. Please email to arrange for a conference call with a translator. 

    Is CTE a full day program?

    Yes. Programs are from 9:40am-2:05pm, Monday- Friday. 

    Can I get help with my classes at CTE?

    Yes, we have Student Services available before and after program time for academic support.  

    I am an English Language Learner. Can I improve my English language skills while at CTE?

    Yes, we have ELL teachers who support ELL students in their programs and also provide English language instruction.

    Are there entry requirements for English language learners? 

    No. CTE does not discriminate  against linguistically diverse students. 

    I am going to be in 10th grade next year. Can I go to CTE?

    Yes. Pre-Tech programs are for 10th graders. 

    I want to go to college after I graduate. Will CTE prepare me for college?

    Yes. Many CTE programs offer dual enrollment options and you can take classes you need to enter college at CTE.

    I want to find a professional job after graduation. Does CTE offer professional certifications/licences?

    In some programs, if you successfully pass the exams taken right here at CTE, you will be able to get a job (examples: VT Cosmetology License, Dental Assisting Certificate).  

    What is a “Tech Center?”

    A school where students can go to learn technical skills while finishing high school and preparing for career/college. Adults can also attend a Tech Center to learn these skills.

    Do I need to move to Essex to go to CTE?

    No. You can be still enrolled in your home high school and come to CTE at the same time.

    If I go to CTE, can I still participate in my school's clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities?

    Yes. CTE ends at 2:05pm daily in order to give students time to return to their sending school and participate in afterschool activities.

    Frequently Asked Questions for ADULT students:

    I graduated from high school and I have my high school diploma. How much will it cost for me to go to CTE?

    The tuition is $4800 for any daytime program for the entire school year.

    Is financial aid available for adult students? How can I apply?

    Yes, VSAC and the Department of Labor will provide assistance to qualified applicants. You will need to contact them directly to apply for assistance.

    I graduated from high school outside the U.S. I don’t have my diploma because it got lost. Can I enroll in CTE?

    Yes, Please go to the CTE website and fill out an ADULT application. 

    I do not have a high school diploma. I am not enrolled in a high school. Can I enroll in CTE?

    Yes, Please go to the CTE website and fill out an ADULT application. Students without a H.S. diploma will be eligible for assistance through the school district in which they reside. 

    Do adult students have to follow the same rules as high school students when they are enrolled at CTE?


    I have a job and childcare responsibilities. Can I attend CTE part-time?

    No. All of our programs are full-time.