Values and Goals

    • Integrity
        1. Set goals we can reach
        2. Evaluate how we are doing 
        3. Fidelity to process (flexible consistency)


    • Responsiveness 
        1. Timeliness for student experiencing harm (balanced with need to be intentional and giving student choice in shaping next steps)
        2. Straightforward communication (that eliminates complexity)
        3. A community approach that prioritizes continuous education and growth


    • Healing & Repair 
        1. Center the person that has been harmed in everything
        2. Trauma informed practices
        3. Safety (create a safe space for people who are in the process)
        4. Adequate and appropriate consequences


    • Respect 
        1. Believe people’s experience
        2. Listen to everyone’s opinions
        3. Understanding intentions from all involved


    • Being Proactive & Anti-Racist
      1. Inclusion
      2. Decrease disproportionate impact of bias experiences on BIPOC students, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ community or any group that is harmed based on an identity that they hold
      3. Finding and understanding people’s stories
      4. Cultural sensitivity
      5. Systemic reduction of harm due to bias
      6. Integrated with broader efforts to create an inclusive culture