PowerSchool Parent Portal

What is PowerSchool Portal?

    • New Student registration forms.
    • Returning Student Registration Forms
    • Access to your student’s grades, attendance, and assignment information. 
    • PowerSchool Mobile App provides instant access to real-time student performance and online forms from any Android or IOS device, including Apple Watch.

PowerSchool Parent Portal support at EWSD:

  • If you have any questions regarding the digital student registration process, please contact your local school registrar. Their phone number and address can be found here. Paper forms are also available by request, please contact your nearest school or call Lorna at District Office East, (802) 878-8168. The EWSD Technology HelpDesk can also assist with any problems creating or logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. They can be emailed at helpdesk@ewsd.org or by calling (802) 857-7777.

New Account Creation:

    • To create an account, you will need to have your child's unique Access ID and Access Password. You will receive Access ID and Access Password after you filled out the Pre-Registration form and has been approved by the district administrator.
    • To Create a New Account please go to the PowerSchool Parent Portal using the link in the email you had received and click the “Create Account” tab. 
    • Fill in your first and last name and include your email address.   
    • Create a username, and then create a password with 8 or more characters.  
    • Enter your Student Name, Access ID, and Access Password.  Choose the relationship to your student.
    • Scroll to the bottom to submit your responses. 
    • Confirm your email. 
    • All parents and guardians for the same student can create their own accounts using the same Access ID and Access Password provided.

    You should now be able to log in to PowerSchool with the username & password you created. 

Add an Additional Child:

    • If you are adding another child to an existing parent account, log in using your existing user name and password.
    • Once logged in, look in the left navigation menu and select 'Account Preferences', select the 'Student' tab, then click the 'Add' button on the far right.
    • Fill in the fields with the student's information. Enter the Access ID and Access Password for the student to be added to your parent portal account.
    • Once the student is added their first name will appear in the blue ribbon located in the top left of the website. You can switch between multiple students by clicking on their name in this ribbon.
    • Please Note: Complete district registration packets must be submitted for each individual student. These can be found in the 'Forms' section.

    If desired, multiple parents/guardians can link a student to their PowerSchool Parent Portal account using the same student Access ID and Access Password.

Completing New Registration Forms:

    • To access the registration forms, first log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal with your parent/guardian access account. 
    • Once logged in, select “Forms'' from the navigation menu on the lefthand side of your screen. This will bring you to a new page that lists all available forms for your selected student. The only forms you need to complete for a new student are in the “General Forms'' tab, listed in blue under the title “New EWSD Enrollment”. You do not need to fill out any other forms in any other tabs.
    • Complete each of the forms listed under “New EWSD Enrollment,” beginning with “1) Student Information.” After each section, please click the Submit button to save your data and advance to the next section. If the form submission was successful, a pop-up window will open thanking you for the submission. 
      • Save vs. Submit: Along with the Submit button is the Save button. Use the Save button if you aren’t ready to Submit the form to the school yet but do not want to re-enter information already filled out. It is recommended that you Save a form if you must step away from your computer, as PowerSchool may log you out for inactivity. The Save feature is only available for forms that you have not Submitted yet.
        • When to Save: 
          • You need to step away from the computer.
          • You do not have all the required information but have filled out some of the information. 
        • When to Submit: 
          • You are ready to send the form to the school/district.
      • Uploading Documents: Required enrollment documents are listed at https://www.ewsd.org/Page/2587. They can be uploaded to the electronic forms as pictures or PDFs, or you can contact your new school’s registrar to discuss bringing in physical copies. 
    • Former EWSD Students: If your student has previously attended one of our district schools, you may see that some fields on the forms are pre-populated. Please check this data for accuracy and make any necessary corrections. Note: If there has been a change of the student's name or physical address since they last were in district, we will need supporting documentation uploaded or brought to your student's school before the registration/update is considered complete.
    • You can check the status of your registration process at any time from the Forms screen in PowerSchool. There is a progress bar for all enrollment forms listed to the far right of the Forms screen. 
    • Each form also has a colored leaf next to it, indicating its status. The dark blue leaf means “Empty” because you have not yet submitted any information. A green leaf means that you have saved some or all the required information. 

    Final Review Process: Once you have submitted all of your forms, your new school’s registrar will review the information that you have provided. This is so that registrars can ensure the data is correct before it enters our PowerSchool system. Registrars will finish their review within a week and may reach out to you during that time to confirm or adjust information. From this point onwards, the registrar will be your point of contact if you have any further questions or need support for your new student.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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