•               student taking a golf swing           students xc skiing w/out poles           girl doing handstand on the balance beam  
                                                                   "You're not totally educated   

                                      You're PHYSICALLY educated"



     The goal of our program is to assist each student to become a


     HAS skills needed to perform a variety of physical activities
     IS physically fit
     DOES participate in physical activities
     KNOWS implications of & benefits from the involvement in physical activities 
     VALUES physical activity, its contribution to a healthy lifestyle & to pursue a lifetime of physical activity   

    Our physical education program focuses on the following concepts:
    1. knowledge- to learn about fitness, health concepts & movement
    2. competence -to understand the value of practice & to work to improve one's ability
    3. confidence- to try "new" activities
    4. attitude-to put forth effort, interact respectfully with others & to work to one's potential