• Professional Foods

  • Imagine Yourself...

    • Baking bread and making desserts
    • Preparing complete restaurant quality meals
    • Testing recipes and creating your own menu items
    • Having an advantage when applying for jobs at local restaurants
    • Owning and running your own restaurant


    In This Program...

    Students are exposed to the restaurant industry as they rotate through CTE's bakeshop, Cafe and professional kitchens while learning service management and food production.  This program allows students to combine hands-on experience with theoretical instruction while operating the student run restaurant and bakeshop. Additional emphasis is placed on sound nutrition and eating habits as well as professionalism in the workplace.  The program is further strengthened through cooperative partnerships and internships with local food service operations.

    The Professional Foods Program provides multiple pathways to postsecondary education and careers within the hospitality industry.



    • Students gain experience working in the program restaurant - The Cafe & Bakery at CTE
    • Receive Industry Recongnized Credential through ServSafe
    • Participate in a Career Work Experience at a local restaurant
    • Earn Dual Enrollment Credit through New England Culinary Institute
    • Learn essential life skills
  • John BartonChef - 1st Year
    John DowmanChef - 2nd Year
    Mat Zimmerman, Chef - Bakeshop
    Jessica Guillemette, Professional Foods Lab Supervisor 
    Heidi McLaughlin, CTE Counseling Coordinator

    Program Time 9:40 a.m. to 2:05 p.m. 
    Phone: (802) 879-5595

    High School Credits Earned

    1st Year
    Math (1 credit)
    English (1 credit)
    Science (1 credit)
    Electives (3 credits)

    2nd Year
    Math (1 credit)
    English (1 credit)
    Science (1 credit)
    Electives (3 credits)

    Certified ServSafe Food Handler 

    Dual Enrollment
    College credits (3 per course) are available through local Vermont colleges.  Motivated students who take advantage of dual enrollment can acquire a full semester towards their college degree.

    What's Next / Employment in the field
    All students have the opportunity to participate in a Career Work experience with a local business.  Work-based learning and school-to-work cooperative opportunities and apprenticeships are an important part of the Professional Foods program and offer students an insight into working in the field.

    Students who complete either Professional Foods 1 or 2 programs may go on to advance their training at a culinary institute, continue their education at a college or university or seek employment in the restaurant and hospitality industry.  

  • Advisory Committee

    The Centor for Technology has long standing partnerships with businesses and industry leaders through program advisory committees.  The goal of these committees is to ensure that CTE's programs are meeting and exceeding industry standards.  Advisory Committees meet twice per year.  Posted below are the most recent minutes.

    2019 Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes