• Natural Resources Programs

  • forest management Forestry & Horticulture

    Students will develop essential employability skills related to the forestry and horticulture industries such as:

    • training in timber management
    • logging
    • woodworking
    • wildlife management
    • surveying
    • soil science
    • greenhouse production
    • hydroponic vegetable production
    • gardening
    • maple syrup production
    • apple orchard management and
    • landscaping

    An intense and rigorous program that will prepare students if they choose a career in forestry or horticulture.

  • Equipment operation Mechanical & Small Engines

    Students in this program will get hands-on experience that involves:

    • heavy equipment operation
    • welding
    • metal fabrication
    • small power-equipment maintenance and repair
    • basic electrical training
    • production & marketing

    Career work experience positions in small engine repair and welding are available to advanced students who qualify and are selected.




Program Options

  • CTE Natural Resources students are offered a unique opportunity to experience resource management training by choosing one of two program pathways:

    • Forestry & Horticulture or
    • Agricultural Mechanics

    High School students in the program will receive

    • 1 Math Credit
    • 1 Science Credit
    • Up to 4 Elective Credits

Program Highlights

  • logger Students wishing to participate in the Natural Resources program at CTE are offered a unique opportunity to experience science, technology and management training.

    In existence for over 30 years, these award winning, fast-paced programs will prepare students for employment while working in “living” laboratories.

    Production & Marketing

    All students in Natural Resources, regardless of program pathway, will participate in food-science training focused on the production and marketing aspects of apple orchards, maple syrup production and other market food products.


  • Logging students Dual Enrollment Opportunities

    All students at the Center for Technology, Essex may seek eligibility for enrollment in a variety of college level courses offered through local colleges such as Champlain College, University of Vermont and Community College of Vermont.

    Career Experiences

    • Work-based Learning
    • School-Work Cooperative Opportunities
    • Apprenticeships