• Childhood Education / Human Services

  • Imagine Yourself...

    • Having an exciting career in education
    • Working with young children 
    • Helping people of all ages

    What will I learn...

    Remember how much fun you had as a child?  In this program you can relive those memories by building with blocks and clay, creating art and playing tag.  You can help children experience a fun and rewarding educational experience in our on-site preschool as well as in local daycares.

    Learn about child development and managing a classroom. Discover careers in human services including social work, psychology, teaching, child care worker and many others!

    So if you like to play, learn and have a great time come join us for a year in Childhood Education and Human Services.


    • Earn up to 9 college credits
    • Take additional college classes through CCV
    • Get a job working in a local daycare while you are still in high school!
    • Be prepared to attend college or go straight into the workforce in a human services related field
    • Second Year CE/HS students can spend senior year on paid internships with partnering employers.  Get paid & earn credits at the same time!
  • Lissa Bogner, CEHS Instructor
    Melissa Brott, CEHS Lab Supervisor
    Emmy Charron, CTE Counseling Coordinator
    Sheila Paterson, Special Populations Coordinator
    Program Time 9:40 a.m. to 2:05 p.m. 
    Phone: (802) 857-7459

    High School Credits Earned

    1st Year
    Social Studies (1 credit)
    English(1 credit)
    Electives (4 credits)

    2nd Year
    Social Studies (1 credit)
    English (1 credit)
    Electives (4 credits)


    Qualified students are invited to apply to our apprenticeship program.  Apprenticeship students work at area child care facilities.  This supervised work experience allows students to be completing coursework at CTE as well as college level courses while earning money and credits while in school.

    Dual Enrollment

    Eligible students may receive credit from CCV (up to 6 credits for qualified students) as part of a dual enrollment program offered by CTE.

    What's Next / Employment in the Field

    Students who complete the CEHS program may apply for advanced standing in the U.S. Department of Labor's Child Care Apprenticeship program or pursue a college degree in education, social work, early childhood development, psychology or human services.  Graduates who complete all the requirements receive a certification as an assistant teacher.