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    Academic Research Resources 


    Destiny-Library Catalog (leaves EHS website):   

    Search the library collection online to find books, eBooks, audiobooks, and websites. Search by a Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, or a Series.

    Keyword Search vs Subject Search

    Keyword searches are similar to Internet searches, in that the catalog/database will look for the words you use wherever they may be on a page. Regardless of whether the word is in a title, author name, place of publication, the page will be returned as a result. 

    Subject searcheson the other hand, only return results in which the subject term being searched appears in the subject field. However, if you choose a subject term which doesn't exist, then you will get none. If your subject search returns 'no results' then do a keyword search.   

    Databases and Reference eBooks:

    EHS/CTE Library subscribes to many research databases. Find them by their names or by a subject. Here you can find authoritative information for your academic research projects. To access them click on the Databases link from the side panel. It requires you to login to SchoolPort. Use your EWSD network login.

    Need to find a research topic?Databases

     Suggested online databases:                                      

    • CQ Researcher (publisher CQ Press/Sage)
    • Issues & Controversies (publisher Infobase)
    • Opposing Viewpoints in Context (publisher Gale)
    • SIRS (Social Issues Resource Series)(publisher ProQuest) 


    Need to find newspaper and magazine articles?

    Databases which include newspaper and magazine articles: Newspaper & Magazine Articles

    • Academic OneFile (publisher Gale) - Scholarly journals
    • EBSCO (publisher EBSCO) - National and international newspapers and magazine articles
    • General OneFile (publisher Gale) -  News & magazine articles on all disciplines.
    • Infotrac NewsStand (publisher Gale) - Articles from U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers, as well as leading titles from around the world.
    • Scholastic Go (Publisher - Scholastic): Click on the World Newspapers to access the world newspapers organized by countries.  

    Databases which includes newspaper and magazine articles alongside reference content:

    • Biography in Context (publisher Gale) - Find information on the world's most influential people.  
    • Issues & Controversies (publisher Infobase) - Provides exclusive, extensive coverage of hundreds of today's hot topics.
    • Opposing Viewpoints in Context (publisher Gale) - Access information on today’s hottest social issues.  
    • Science in Context (publisher Gale) - Access information on today's most significant science topics.
    • SIRS (Social Issues Resource Series)(publisher ProQuest)- Find information on leading social issues and 12 major regional world conflicts.  
    • U.S. History in Context - (publisher Gale) - Include information on the most significant people, events, and topics in U.S. History. 


    Pathfinders (LibGuides):  

    Each Pathfinder/LibGuide contains a list of useful resources curated by our librarians on specific topics. The list is organized by title in alphabetical order.    

    To access them click on the LibGuides/Pathfinders link from the side panel.  It requires you to login to SchoolPort.  Use your EWSD network login. 

    Other Helpful Links:

    15 scholarly search engines every student should bookmark (leaves EHS website.) 

    ProQuest - Note Organizer (leaves EHS website.) 

    Infobase - Analyzing and Understanding: Analyzing Historical Documents (leaves EHS website.) 

    Grammar Handbook (leaves EHS website.)