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    The mission of the EWSD libraries is to create inviting learning environments that inspire and honor curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. In partnership with students and staff, we support and recognize reading as the foundation for students to become skilled in multiple literacies. We strive to ensure that students become successful lifelong learners.


    Library Lending

    The Westford library collection is available to all students and staff. Student lending procedures are as follows:

    • Preschool and kindergarten- 1 item at a time
    • First and second grade- 2 items at a time
    • Third and fourth grade- 3 items at a time
    • fifth-eighth grade- 4 items at a time (additional materials needed for classwork may be checked out with premission) 
    • Audio materials are available for students in first grade and above and are limited to one per student. 
    • All materials are due after 2 weeks
    • Materials may be renewed unless another patron is waiting. 


  • Breakout Edu Success!

    Posted by Elizabeth Shelley on 2/20/2018 1:00:00 PM

    The 5-8th grade middle school book club students have been reading their way through the Dorothy's List nominated titles and during the month of January read and discussed the nonfiction book Lost in the Pacific. The students engaged in a close read of the book and learned more about Pearl Harbor and WWII. On February 19th we hosted Amy Noyes, host of the Vermont Public Radio monthly show Dorothy's List. Amy came in for our final activity for the book where the students participated in a Breakout Edu session where they worked in groups to solve clues that provided combinations to various locks to open our big box and reveal our prize. The students worked through clues written in invisble ink, Morse code and hidden in book pages and under rugs. The students needed to rely on their understanding and knowledge of the book to breakout and they were so successful! After breaking out the students were then able to ask questions for the author which will be answered in the second half of this interview. Listen to Vermont Public Radio on Monday, March 26th to hear Westford Students in action and hear author Tod Olson's answers to their questions.



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  • Book Club Celebration!

    Posted by Elizabeth Shelley on 10/26/2017 9:00:00 AM

    The Westford School library offers a lunch time book club for fourth grade students. We read nominated titles from the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award list and the students meet weekly at lunch to discuss the book. This month our book was The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. This book was loved by all and led to some very interesting discussions about what it means to be alive and how Roz adapts, persists and grows. Studnts found that even though Roz is a Robot, she develops human-like qualities and complex emotions. Our book club always culminates at the Westford Public Library with a celebration ending each book. The students take the bus after school to the public library for a themed snack and special activity related to the book. This month the students made scribble bots inspired by Roz. Using plastic cups, markers, 5-volt motors and a battery pack the students created a robot that would shake and spin, drawing circles and lines as it moved. The robots were then decorated to look like Roz or other characters in the book. Some were even camolauged with leaves as Roz was early in the story. This engaging STEAM activity invited lots of creativity, repeated experiementation and persistence. Just as Roz had to observe and learn, so too did our students. When a marker wasn't evenly placed and the robot would tip over, the students would comment that their robot was just like Roz when her foot was ripped off. 

    Our first celebration was a wonderful success and we look forward to many more this year. Students work and show their completed scribble bots. A finished scribble bot displayed next to the book club selection.  Students work and show their completed completed scribble bots.

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  • Video Creation Viewing Party!

    Posted by Elizabeth Shelley on 9/13/2017

    Fifth through eighth grade students participating in video creation class completed their first project this week. Students worked in groups to complete short movie trailers using iMovie. We used storyboards and worked cooperatively to plan locations to film, props to use and various different types of shots including wide, close up and action. Groups edited and reworked their trailers and even included some bloopers in their final products which were shown today. It was so great to see everyone's final products displayed and get ideas for moving forward with our next projects. After our viewing party, complete with popcorn, students self assessed their work on a learning scale. 

    Our first round of video creations was a great success and was fully student driven. Be on the lookout for many more great projects to come!

    Students plan their filming outside using an umbrella as a prop.

    using an iPad, students work to film a student moving a large bear.

    Video creation students watching a movie trailer in the library.

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