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    The mission of the EWSD libraries is to create inviting learning environments that inspire and honor curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. In partnership with students and staff, we support and recognize reading as the foundation for students to become skilled in multiple literacies. We strive to ensure that students become successful lifelong learners.


    Library Lending

    The Westford library collection is available to all students and staff. Student lending procedures are as follows:

    • Preschool and kindergarten- 1 item at a time
    • First and second grade- 2 items at a time
    • Third and fourth grade- 3 items at a time
    • fifth-eighth grade- 4 items at a time (additional materials needed for classwork may be checked out with premission) 
    • Audio materials are available for students in first grade and above and are limited to one per student. 
    • All materials are due after 2 weeks
    • Materials may be renewed unless another patron is waiting. 

Westford Library Blog

  • Twenty One Elephants and Still Standing

    Posted by Elizabeth Shelley on 4/18/2018 1:00:00 PM

    This week students read the book Twenty One Elephants and Still Standing by April Jones Prince and participated in a bridge building challenge. The students worked in pairs to build a bridge using four cups and four popsicle sticks that could hold twenty one animl counters. The results were unique and effective. Students quickly realized that they could create a bridge using fewer materials, and soon there were lots of bridges with only two popsicle sticks or two cups. Some bridges featured some carefully placed animals, with a few animals stacking on each other or even hanging over the sides of their bridge. This open ended activity allowed students to make mistakes, problem solve, work together and be inspired by each other's ideas. 

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  • Book Club Students on VPR

    Posted by Elizabeth Shelley on 3/28/2018 1:20:00 PM

    In February, middle school book club students from Westford School read the nonfiction Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award nominated book Lost in the Pacific by Vermont author Tod Olson. The students then participated in an active Breakout Edu session where they needed to solve multiple puzzles from the book to open various locks on a locked box to get their prize. They were also able to ask the author questions about his writing and research process which were answered in a separate interview. Their activity was recorded by Amy Noyes from Vermont Public Radio and they were featured on Vermont Edition this week. You can listen to the recording here as well as view pictures from the event. 

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