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  • Essex High School: Student Support

    Special Education services at Essex High School are designed to provide instruction and support for students with disabilities.  Students access the general education environment to the greatest extent possible.  Our services vary based on the needs of the individual student and include access to one or more of the following supports.


  • The mission of PEAK is to address the emotional, attentional, and learning barriers that interfere with student success in the mainstream high school setting. This is accomplished by working toward strengthening the relationship between home and school, developing student advocacy skills, developing positive coping skills, and developing positive relationships. Read more on the PEAK page!

Paraprofessional Support

  • Students are provided paraprofessional support at various levels, based on their IEPs.  At Essex High School we have three levels of paraprofessional support:  Mainstream Teaching Assistant, Individual Assistant, and Interventionist.  All paraprofessionals have ongoing support and supervision from Special Educators and the Director of Student Support Services.


  • RYSE (Readying Youth for Success in Education) is committed to creating a classroom environment that is built on the principles of being safe, respectful, and productive. By creating an environment that values each student as an individual and as a collective member of the classroom community, we are helping students achieve mastery in the skills and knowledge that are essential to becoming empowered citizens of a diverse and ever-changing world. Learn more about RYSE.


Employment Program

  • The Employment Program is designed to give students who have a disability the necessary employment experience to be successful in the workplace.

Speech and Language Services

  • Certified Speech and Language Pathologists provide services to students as determined by a student’s IEP. Services may address expressive language, receptive language, and social communication goals.The Speech and Language Pathologists work closely with the students’ case managers, mainstream teachers, families, and other service providers.

Supported Studies

  • The Supported Study Skills program is a specialized instructional program for students with disabilities. Students receive individualized instruction in reading, writing, oral language and/or math. They may also receive support with organization, behavior/social skills and/or study skills.  You can find out more about Supported Studies here.

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