College Application Process For Seniors

    1. Make an appointment with your School Counselor 4-5 weeks before your first college application deadline.
    2. Use NAVIANCE to create and finalize your college list.
    3. The Transcript Release Authorization must be signed by students and parents before any school documents can be sent to colleges. (PLEASE NOTE: This request is for CURRENT EHS students only.  If you are a past student, please go to the bottom of the School Counseling at EHS page for instructions on how to request a transcript.)
    4. The Senior Information Form  and Parent Information Form are helpful for counselors when writing recommendation letters and when reporting for scholarship opportunities. 
    5. Request transcripts and recommendation letters through NAVIANCE at least 3 weeks in advance of the first deadline (see table below.)  
    6. Students need to access the ACT site and/or the SAT site to have scores sent to colleges to be considered official score reports.  EHS does not send these scores.  
    7. Students need to submit the applications to colleges prior to the college deadlines. You may find the 2018-2019 EHS School Profile helpful for some application questions related to class size, rank, contact info.

EHS Deadlines for Transcripts & Recommendation Letters

  • Please note: You may submit your request prior to these date. Below the table outlines the last day you may submit your information in NAVIANCE to EHS for it to be guaranteed to be sent by the deadline.

Seniors: Deadlines for requests of transcripts & recommendations for when to enter into Naviance.
  • *While we will make every reasonable effort to do so, after this date we cannot guarantee that requested materials will be sent by the application deadline.