• Sixth grade students at EMS attend general music classes for one quarter of the school year, with classes meeting on a daily basis. We use the National Core Arts Standards and Common Core Standards to assess our units of study.

    There are 4 main Arts standards: Performing, Creating, Responding and Connecting.

    These assessments can be found, for each student, on our "Jumprope" grade reporting system.

    Performing - The keyboard lab allows students to work individually, or as a group, while learning about music fundamentals and basic piano keyboarding technique.

    Creating - Students write an original piece of music using the "Noteflight" music software program.

    Music Theory lessons are used to introduce, review and reinforce all concepts for performing and creating.

    Responding - We will also listen to and analyze exemplary pieces of piano music as we discuss the techniques that go into a quality performance or composition.

    Connecting - A "Musical" is a play that also includes singing and dancing. We use this to discuss America's contribution to world theater. For 6th grade classes we have chosen the film "The Music Man".