• Classroom Music classes will follow a "trimester" schedule for the 2021 - 22 school year.

    Students will start with either Art, AMT (Math & Technology) or Music and switch throughout the year, so they will attend all three classes by the time the year ends.

    Students will be assigned to either a "Blue Day" or a "White Day", so class meets every other day (and alternates with Foreign Language).

    The information below represents what our schedule and curriculum looks like:

    Sixth grade students at EMS attend general music classes for one third of the school year, with classes meeting every other day.

    We use the National Core Arts Standards and Common Core Standards to assess our units of study.

    There are 4 main Arts standards: Performing, Creating, Responding and Connecting.

    These assessments can be found, for each student, on our "PowerSchool" grade reporting system.

    Performing - The keyboard lab allows students to work individually, or as a group, while learning about music fundamentals and basic piano keyboarding technique.

    Creating - Students write an original piece of music using the "Noteflight" music software program.

    Music Theory lessons are used to introduce, review and reinforce all concepts for performing and creating.

    Responding - We will also listen to and analyze exemplary pieces of piano music as we discuss the techniques that go into a quality performance or composition.

    Connecting - A "Musical" is a play that also includes singing and dancing. We use this to discuss America's contribution to world theater.