• Questions/Topic:
    How are ideas of products and or buildings expressed through drawing.


    To help students experience and gain an understanding of the process involved from having an idea of a product or building and then be able express that idea through mechanical and architectural drawings.



    Standards Addressed in the Unit:

    Vital Results

    Information Technology/Simulation and Modeling: 1.22 Students employ a variety of techniques to use simulations and to develop models.
    WORKPLACE/Dependability and Productivity: 3.14 Students demonstrate dependability, productivity, and initiative. This is evident when students:
    a. Attend school on a regular basis;
    b. Complete assignments on schedule; and
    c. Participate in classroom and group discussions.
    d. Select the tools that are appropriate for academic and/or vocational tasks (with adult guidance).

    Fields of Knowledge

    Information Technology 3: Students use technology tools to make appropriate presentations.
    1. Use multimedia program to access and manipulate information.
    Design & Technology
    3. Students understand that people control the outputs and impacts of our expanding technological activities in the areas of: communication, construction, manufacturing, power and transportation, energy sources, health technology, and biotechnology.
    A. Understand that humans are able to share, compile, use and misuse technology.
    B. Demonstrate how humans create and use tools to observe, measure, make and control.
    Design & Technology 4:
    Students utilize a technological/engineering process to solve practical problems to meet human needs and wants.
    A. Create design solutions:

    Learning Opportunities

    Students will use a variety of mechanical drawing tools and learn how to draw isometric, oblique, and orthographic projections. Student will then learn to use CAD software and draw a few mechanical drawings and architectural drawings.

    Culminating Activity
    The final activity in this unit is to, with a partner, design a home. Student will draw a floor plan and one elevation view. The students home will have a variety of specifications that will be included in the final drawing.

    The mechanical drawings will be evaluated against the quality of the drawing used in the activity. The architectural drawing will be evaluated against the required specification that were to be incorporated into the design.

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