• Communication TLA: CAD Architectural

    Using computer technology to assist people in understanding the process involved to design a home and to communicate their ideas through drawing.

    Students are to design and draw using the Design Your Own Home software a home of their dreams.


    The home will include at minimum:

    2 entrances (doors)

    windows in all main rooms

    bathroom     kitchen / dining room        living room           bedroom (3 if no upstairs),

    stairway     closets

    The home in not limited by the above list. The home could also include:

    sunroom, garage, pool, porch, washer/dryer, work room, computer/entertainment, and


    Rooms are to be labeled and dimensioned


    The home will fit on one page. Think of it as a building lot.

    Students may draw a second floor with teacher approval.

    Bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances are to be part of the final drawing. (Other furniture symbols may be used to assist in sizing the rooms and may be part of the final drawing)

    Areas of grading focus will be placement of windows, walls, and doors and the labeling of rooms with dimensions.

    Student work will be evaluated based on the technical aspect of using the CAD software and not on the overall layout of the home.


    Drawing Size: English - Landscape

    Drawing Scale: 1/8" = 1'

    Grid Spacing: .25" / .25"    Snap to Grid: Your choice    Show Grid: Your Choice