Section 1: YOU


           Write safety information (rules) for each item below.


    Hair: Keep tied back if over shoulder length.

    Eyes: Wear safety glasses at all times in lab.

    Ears: Protect near loud noise. 

    Neck: Avoid wearing anything that could dangle.

    Footwear: No open toed footwear.

    Clothing: No unbuttoned sleeves or untucked open type shirts.

    Jewelry: Remove watches, rings, bracelets, and any other jewelry.


    1. What is the general rule about behavior?


        NO horse playing, no running, hopping, skipping, pushing, shoving, yelling, etc.                


    1. Why is it dangerous to do something that will take someone's mind off

          of their work?

             It could cause them to get hurt.


    1. Why should you keep an eye on others around you?

          So you do not get hurt.   


    1. What do you do first when you see someone doing something wrong?

             Tell them


    1. How should you safely carry a long item?

            One person on each end.


    1. How do safely lift heavy objects so that you do not hurt your back?

             With your legs, knees bent, back vertical.


    Section 2: The lab equipment


    1. In order to use a power machine, what must you do?

    Check with teacher

    Check over the machin

    Adjust if required


    1. What does the yellow and black line on the floor stand for?

             The division between 2 safety levels areas within the lab.


    1. How many people should be around a machine when in use?

             1 person per machine


    1. What do the panic buttons do and when would you use them?

             The panic buttons shut off all power to the equipment.  Lights remain on.


    Section 3: First aid


    1. If cut what method should you try first to stop bleeding?


             Press on wound      


    1. What do you do AFTER first aid for ANY INJURY?


            Tell teacher or person in charge.


    1. First aid for minor burns.


    1. What do you do? Run under cool water.


    1. When do you do this? Immediately


    1. What length of time? Until pain subsides, maybe for as long as 20 minutes.


    1. What is AVULSION? Body part cut off


          What do you do and not do for this type of injury?


          DO: (most important first)                       NOT TO DO:


    1. Take with you a.   Get it wet


    1. Put back in place b.   Freeze it 


    1. Stay Calm


    1. Write in order what you do for SHOCK. (Not the electrical kind)


    1. Lay down


    1. Prop feet up


    1. Cover with blanket


    1. Keep calm


    1. If a tooth is knocked out, what should you do?


          Clean and put back in place


    Section 4: Fire safety


    1. What type of fire extinguishers are in the lab and how many?


           ABC Dry Chemical                       2


    1. What is the correct name for each of these common fire types?


    "A" type = Wood and paper


    "B" type = Flammable liquid


    "C" type = Electrical


    1. What can happen if piles of oily rags are not properly taken care of?


           Spontaneous combustion   ( fire starts by itself )