• Essex Middle School Design & Technology Education



    1. The class will be assigned into teams of 2 students. Final team make up will be the teacher's decision.


    2. Each team will name their construction company. The business name will be developed using Print Shop into a one page sign. This sign can be used as the cover page for the report. Please see Sign Guidelines for details of what the sign should include.


    3. Using CAD systems all teams will develop a series of drawings for their bridge. This will include a side view, top view, and end view. All designs will follow the specifications as set in the Student Instruction sheet.


    4. Each student will do a report relating to bridges. Final choice of topic to be discussed and approved by Mr. Airoldi. PLEASE NO REPORTS ON THE FOLLOWING BRIDGES: Golden Gate, Brooklyn Bridge, London Bridge, Emily's Bridge,or George Washington Bridge. The report is to be written using Google Docs or other compatible program. Sources of information will be from the internet, a minimum of 2 sources will be noted. wikipedia is not to be the only source of information. Copy and paste the web links for all information and images used in your report. Use http://tinyurl.com/ to shorten web links). NO REPORT WILL BE REVIEWED WITHOUT SOURCES BEING NOTED.  


    Students will have some class time to access the internet to work on this assignment.  Any work done at home should be in electronic format. No paper will be accepted. Students may share their work or e-mail it to me atdairoldi@vt.etsd.org The report should be approximately 2 - 5 pages including a number of pictures.



    5. The class will be assigned some readings relating to construction. Individual testing on reading(s) may occur.


    6. Each team will carefully construct their bridges as designed.


    7. Bridges will be graded on the following criteria:

    1. Accuracy following finished CAD drawing and guide


    2. Quality of construction.


    3. Standing in the bridge weight holding competition