Documentation Requirements

  • Residency One (1) Proof of Residency from the following:

    • Current tax bill
    • Current mortgage papers/closing statement showing an address and the name of the parent or legal guardian, or custodian
    • Formal lease showing the name, address, and telephone number of the landlord, address and name of lessee
    • A notarized letter from the landlord stating the address of the residence being leased and the name(s) of the lessee(s), along with the landlord's address and telephone number


    Two (2) Proof of Residency from the following:

    • Valid Vermont drivers license with address (local)
    • Valid Vermont identification card with address
    • Valid voter registration card or receipt with address
    • Valid Vermont vehicle registration card
    • Current utility bill in name of parent(s)/guardian/custodian address
    • Valid automobile insurance card with address
    • Bank statement for last or current month (financial information redacted)
    • Other documents which, in the discretion of the District, are adequate evidence of residency

    Note: In addition to the aforementioned proofs of residency, the Affidavit concerning pupil residence may be required.

    Required Information

    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Copy of immunization records
    • Copy of most current physical form