Title I Programs

  • What is a Title I program?

    Title I is a federally funded program designed to ensure that all children have an opportunity to access a high quality education. The goal of this federal program is to close the achievement gap for all students.

    There are two types of Title I programs: Targeted Assistance School programs (TAS) and Schoolwide Title I programs. Schools are identified and authorized to implement one of these programs based on the percentage of students receiving free and/or reduced meals.

    • The Targeted Assistance School program (TAS) allows Title I teachers to provide services to a select group of children. Title I funds may only be used to provide services to children who are identified as having the greatest need for educational assistance.
    • The Schoolwide program allows all students to be eligible for additional academic support. Federal funds are used to support and enhance the overall school program. Title I funds may be used to upgrade the entire school’s educational program so that the overall education of ALL children who attend the school can be improved.

    Annual Title I school eligibility is determined by the school's average poverty rate as determined by student eligibility for Free/Reduced Lunch. Currently, all Title I schools in the Essex Westford School District operate as Targeted Assistance School (TAS) programs.

    Title I schools in the Essex Westford Schools include:

    • Summit Street School
    • Thomas Fleming School
    • Albert D Lawton School

    Eligibility for Title I services in a school is not dependent on the student's poverty rate but is determined based on academic performance and eligibility for intervention services.

    How can I as a parent be involved in my child’s success? Parent Compact

    • Attend family programs at your child's school.
    • Join school committees.
    • Provide input for how how schools can use Title I parental involvement funds.
    • Offer suggestions to schools for how to increase parental engagement.
    • Share responsibilities with teachers for your child’s success.


    What is Title I Family Involvement?

    Title I schools receive funding to provide family and community programs. Examples include:

    • Family math or literacy nights.
    • Curriculum nights
    • Parent education workshops
    • Learning materials


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