Student Progress Reports and Report Cards

  • The purpose of progress reports and report cards is to communicate a student’s progress in meeting standards or proficiencies as well as how the student is demonstrating the learning habits that support student achievement, and to identify areas of strength and areas where improvements may be needed. The schools of the Essex Westford District use a variety of different forms of standards-based or proficiency-based reporting tools.

    What are standards-based/proficiency-based report cards?

    On traditional report cards, students receive one letter or number for each content area for a specific point in time which is intented to represent the student learning of the classroom learning objectives as a whole. A standards-based, or proficiency-based, reporting system is designed to better inform parents/guardians and students about the child’s progress towards achieving specific learning standards, or proficiencies. This report card benefits students, teachers and parents/guardians by:

    • providing more transparency through increased information about how a student is progressing towards meeting standards;
    • allowing students to be more informed and actively engaged in their learning;
    • ensuring increased consistency across classrooms
    • providing parents/guardians with a more detailed information about grade level proficiencies.


    Different types of reporting tools:

    All classrooms in the Essex Westford School District currently use some form of standards-based, proficiency-based reporting system.  In the first year of the unified district, we will be working to better align our reporting tools at each grade level.  During the 2017/18 school year parents/guardians should expect to see the following:

    • Hiawatha School, Summit Street School, Thomas Fleming School, and Westford School will continue to use common K-5 standards-based progress reports in Powerschool and will report out three times annually.
    • Essex Elementary School and Founders Memorial School will continue to use their existing K-5 standards-based progress reports in VCAT and will continue to report out twice annually.
    • The middle grade classrooms of Albert D. Lawton School, Essex Middle School and Westford School will continue to report student learning through the Jumprope reporting tool.  This is the link to the Jumprope portal log in.
    • Essex High School will continue to report out academic achievement of course proficiencies using a numeric grade and provide additional feedback on student learning habits through Powerschool.  
    • The Center for Technology Essex will continue to report out academic achievement in a letter grade through Powerschool and work with sending schools to communicate student achievement of specific learning goals against each sending school's graduation requirements.




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