Essex Town PTO Bylaws

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    Article I: Name


    The name of the organization is the Essex Town Parent Teacher Organization, Inc. (PTO).


    Article II: Articles of Organization


    The organization exists as a not-for-profit corporation that exists for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes.  Its articles of organization and bylaws are these guidelines, as from time to time amended and revised.


    Article III: Mission Statement


    The Essex Town PTO defines itself as a volunteer organization dedicated to:

    *  Encouraging parent, community, and public involvement in our schools


    *  Facilitating communication between teachers, parents, and students

    *  Engaging in fundraising and educational activities


    *  Assisting in making our schools an excellent learning environment


    *  Fostering a sense of community among the Essex Town Schools


    Article IV: Goals


    1. The PTO will sponsor programs to promote the objectives of the mission statement


    1.   The PTO will provide funding for programs and projects which promote the objectives of the mission statement


    1.   The PTO will cooperate with other similar organizations active in the education and development of children


    Article V: Membership


    1. All parents, teachers, staff, and administrators of the Essex Town Schools are automatically members of the PTO.


    1.   No dues will be charged.


    1.   All members, in attendance, have the right to vote or abstain from voting on any motion that is brought to vote at a PTO meeting.


    Article VI: Election and Replacement of Officers


    1. Section1:  Officers and their Election
    2.   The Executive Officers of the PTO shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.
    3. The Executive Board will also have three School Representatives, one from each of the following schools:  Essex Elementary School (EES), Founders Memorial School (FMS), and Essex Middle School (EMS).  


    1.   A nominating committee will seek nominations from the school community and present these nominations to the membership for election at a General PTO Meeting in June.  Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the June meeting.
    2. Any interested member of the PTO is eligible to serve as an elected officer
    3. No person shall hold more than one office at the same time
    4. Officer positions may be shared.
    5. The term of office for all officers is one year, beginning July 1 and ending June 30 of the following year.
    6. Section 2:  Vacancies

    In case a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice President shall serve as President for the interim until nominations are sought and an election is held at a General PTO meeting. If the office of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and/or School Representative becomes vacant, nominations will be sought and elections held at the next General PTO Meeting.


    1. Section 3: Removals

    An Officer can be removed from office for failure to fulfill his/her duties, after reasonable notice, by a majority vote of the Executive Board.


    Article VII: Duties of Officers

    1. President:  The President shall preside over all PTO meetings.  The

    President will serve as an ex-officio member of all PTO committees


    1. Vice President:  The Vice President shall assist the President in presiding over PTO functions and take the place of the President at PTO meetings if the President is unable to attend


    1. Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall receive all money of the PTO, shall

    issue checks for all PTO approved expenditures, and keep accurate records of all receipts and expenditures.  The Treasurer shall present a statement of accounts at all meetings.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of all documents related to filing taxes, or the preparation of all materials necessary for the professional preparation of taxes. The Treasurer shall follow the Financial Documentation Procedures as approved by the Executive Board.


    1. Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all PTO

    meetings and conduct the correspondence of the organization.


    1.   Past President:  The Past President will play an active role, with voting rights, advising the new President as needed.
    2. School Representatives:  School representatives will act as liaisons between each school (administration, teachers, and parents) and the PTO.  They will maintain and update the PTO bulletin boards in each school.


    1. Each Officer shall:
    2. Perform duties as outlined above.
    3. At the end of the fiscal year, all materials pertaining to the office shall be ready and presented to the newly elected officers.  In the case of a resignation, materials shall be ready and presented at the time of election.
    4. Participate in the formulation of the annual budget for the coming fiscal year.
    5. Follow all policies and procedures of the Essex Town PTO.

    Article VIII: Meetings


    1. General PTO Meetings shall be held to conduct the business of the PTO. Meetings shall be held monthly during the school year, or at the discretion of the Board.  Meeting times and locations will be announced via e-newsletter and on district calendar.


    1. Any items needed to be decided upon will be voted with a motion

    made, a second, closure, and a majority ruling.


    1. The Executive Board shall meet monthly during the school year, or at the discretion of the President.


    Article IX: Committees


    1. The Executive Officers may create committees as deemed necessary to promote the mission and goals of the organization


    1. Committees will be formed with a chair-person. The Chair-person will be responsible for notifying all committee members of the meetings and will represent the committee at PTO meetings


    1. Committees will be used to research and prepare proposals to the general PTO membership for approval by voting

    Article X: Basic Policies


    1.   The PTO will be non-sectarian and non-partisan.
    2.   The PTO shall not, directly or indirectly, participate or intervene in any way in any political campaign on the behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate or cause.
    3.   PTO funds shall not be distributed to PTO officers or members, other than as reasonable compensation for services rendered.

    Article XI: Financial Policies


    1. The fiscal year of the PTO shall begin July 1st and end the following June 30th.


    1. All funds shall be kept in a checking account in the name of Essex Town PTO, held at a local financial institution with two members of the Executive Board as authorized signers.


    1. All financial activity shall be recorded in a computer-based or manual accounting system. The Treasurer will reconcile the account(s) monthly and report all financial activity to the Executive Board monthly.


    1. Members of the PTO will make recommendations on how to allocate funds.  Final approval of the allocations will be voted on at a General PTO Meeting in June.


    1.   The Executive Board has the authority to make allocations related to immediate needs requests as long as the total allocation is less than $500.00.


    1. Reserves: The PTO shall leave a minimum of $2,000 in the treasury at the end of each fiscal year.


    1. Contracts: Authority to sign contracts is limited to the President or the President’s designee.

    Article XII: Amendments

    These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the PTO by a majority vote of the members present and voting, provided the membership has been notified on the proposed amendment at least thirty days prior to the vote.

    Article XIII: Dissolution of the PTO


    1. The PTO may be dissolved by a majority vote of the members present and voting at a regular meeting, provided that the membership has been notified at least thirty days prior to the vote.


    1. Upon dissolution, all remaining funds after all bills have been paid, shall be equally distributed to EES, FMS and EMS.

    These bylaws were amended on May 1, 2017.