(To be used along with the CTE Application Procedure)

    These clarifications are for students currently enrolled in CTE who wish to apply for a second year. If you believe that a second year at CTE will enhance your personal career opportunities and you have been successful in your current program, you are welcome to apply. The process is the same whether you wish to pursue a different program or advanced study in the same program. The sooner you get started on these steps, the better. Application forms are available in the CTE office.

    1. Discuss options with your current CTE teacher, guidance counselor and parents or guardian. Explore your options and discuss whether you have the support of your teachers to pursue advanced study at CTE or to enroll in a different, related, program.

    2. Visit the program you wish to enroll in if it is different from your current program. Schedule the visit with the Guidance Secretary in the CTE office. If you intend to apply for an Apprenticeship position, schedule a meeting with the Co-op Coordinator.

    3. Complete the CTE Application with your sending school counselor. Your counselor will need to verify that you are on-track for graduation, and indicate any “companion courses” that you would need at CTE next year. Your parent or guardian also must sign this application form.

    4. Give your current program instructor a “Teacher Information Form” (available in CTE office). Your teacher will complete this form and return it directly to the CTE Guidance Coordinator. Teachers are asked to comment on your likelihood for success, especially regarding:
    * Ability to set and work toward goals (initiative and reliability)
    * Attendance
    * Attitude, cooperation, peer courtesy and job readiness
    * Grades for current year
    * Ability to meet program competencies and state standards
    * Worker Traits

    5. Attend Step-Up Day. If your application is complete, and you are recommended by your current CTE instructor, you will be invited to this all- day event at CTE. This is a very important part of the process for all applicants.

    6. Decision. You will be notified in April.