Destiny (Catalog) for Citations

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  • To cite a book or other resources found in Destiny

    As you add items to a list, Destiny will automatically create an MLA-formatted citation for books, websites, DVDs, and other library materials:
    • Create a resource list by first logging into Destiny and then clicking "Resource Lists" from the left-hand column, followed by "Add List." Create a name and specify any desired options.
    • To add items to your list, click "Add to this list" from the results screen or the item's record. (Make sure the list you created is the "Selected list.")
    • To see, edit, and print the list, click "Resource Lists" in the left-hand column.
    • To view the citation list, choose the "Create Citation" option from the bottom of the list's page and click "GO". You can then copy, print, or save the citations.