Equipment Checkout Policies

Image of Students Filming in the A/V Lab
  • Please treat our equipment with care and follow our policies below:

    • To leave school with equipment, students must have a signed permission form on file in the A/V office.
    • Equipment must be returned the next school day in the same condition it was received. Please report problems or issues with equipment to the A/V office when returning item(s).
    • Students supply their own SD cards. SD cards can also be purchased in A/V for a minimal fee.
    • Do not leave equipment unattended. Do not leave equipment in classrooms. Always store it in the supplied bag. Never store the camera body without a lens cap or body cap properly attached.
    • Do not leave the camera, even in a bag, in the trunk of a car at low or high temps. Moisture, humidity and long exposure to hot and cold temperatures will cause equipment failure!
    • All lenses have UV filters that are not to be removed.

    Equipment will not be checked out over extended breaks. Our digital cameras do not come with memory cards.