Community Service-Social Action


     Wednesdays 2:40 pm in C125

    Club offers many great ways for students to get involved through service activities in Essex Junction community, numerous one-time projects, in-school prevention & education projects, and social justice advocacy. Through CSSA students are able to advocate for those suffering from injustices, practice inclusive community through service, and reflect on the world in light of equal rights. CSSA also gives you the opportunity to participate in one-time projects and special events. These service activities are open to EHS students and can be a good introduction to service for those who’ve never tried it before. Some involve travel to an off-site location; others happen right here at EHS. Some involve direct service, where participants are interacting with others; others involve indirect service, providing support for a community group or organization. CSSA currently partners with many Vermont nonprofit organizations, including schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, faith-based institutions, social service programs, and neighborhood outreach centers. CSSA’s many partnerships allow you to interact with a diverse range of populations in ways that encourage you to challenge your own assumptions about the lives of others while engaging in work that promotes justice and social action. Each year, EHS students donate hundreds of hours to the community through service. Now you can too! Sign up to join a team of dedicated students striving to make a difference through social action.

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