Peer Helpers

  • "Peer Helpers reach out, help others, and pass on knowledge gained through training regarding various social and emptional issues."

    "We are committed to enhancing all aspects of the school community through becoming educated on issues relevant to individual lives and serving as a resource during rimes of need abd acting as poasititve role models."

    We are here for you! Peer Helpers are students who are ready and willing to help their peers through whatever they may need. We work with the school counseling office and train ourselves on various social and emotional topics. There are 5 different committees within Peer Helpers:

    • Stall Street Journal
    • Recruitment
    • Breaking Down Barriers
    • Personal Relations
    • Training

    Recruitment is only active for a short time to gather new Peer Helpers then they can disperse into other committees. Breaking Down Barriers and Personal Relations help to reach out to students and faculty.

    The Stall Street Journal is the Peer Helper news; we post about our training to share our gained knowledge with you! Applications to become a Peer Helper are available in November. Watch your email and daily announcements for more information on that.

    Peer Helpers 2017