Computer Club

  • EHS Computer Club is a highly interactive organization dedicated to educate and utilize computer skills. You DO NOT need to know much about computers in order to be able to participate in the Computer Club. We can assure you that we will teach you what you need to know to adapt to the new technology present in this Technological Revolution.

    The mission of EHS Computer Club is to explore technology by discussing and reviewing new products, videogames, and informing the students at EHS of the other aspects of computer technology, such as creating video games and robots; entering competitions and learning about new technology as it is being introduced to the market besides.   All students are welcome to join the Computer Club.   All you need is a fascination with technology, computers or both! The computer club meets each week to play networked computer games. We play team based games that focus on the importance of working together and helping each other out to win the game. Students benefit from the structure of the club, the social interaction, and the emphasis on teamwork.