Climbing Club

  • The mission of the EHS Climbing Club is to train and mentor the students in specific climbing skills and prepare them to compete in recreational competitions.

    Join the club and experience the world of rock climbing. There is no experience required to join and the club is open to all skill levels. We are currently climbing in an indoor gym, but in this coming spring, the club will hopeful venture outside with the more seasoned members so join now for the opportunity to climb in the great outdoors.

    The objective is to provide an opportunity for EHS school students to build a supportive team, support safe and smart climbing, compete and have fun. Our Climbing Club is proud to offer our student body with a safe, healthy, and challenging environment to learn how to enjoy the sport of rock climbing. From absolute beginners to climbers with extensive experience, our club will work on building strong and safe high school rock climbers in our community. While some equipment is provided through our club, members will have the option to purchase additional equipment throughout the season.