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    Join the Membership Toolkit Online Directory for Essex Elementary, Founders Memorial and Essex Middle Schools:

    Here are easy-to-follow directions for creating and/or updating your family profile in our secure, password-protected online directory:

    1. Go to essextownpto.membershiptoolkit.com
    2. Click the Register/Login button
    3. Select "Create Account" and fill in the name, email and password information
    4. Click "verify my email" and follow the link in your email to complete the registration process.
    5. Log back in with verified account to Complete the Parent/Family and Student Information, Directory/Publish Preferences & Check out the current volunteer Signups.
      *If you know of any new families in the Essex Town Schools who are not receiving our Newsblasts, please share this e-newsletter with them so they can sign-up!


    What is the All-School Directory for EES, FMS, and EMS and why should you join?

    The Directory is a secure, password-protected online database which includes the names and preferred method of contact for families only at EES, FMS and EMS.

    Why join? By adding your name, email and information to the Directory, you will receive emails on school happenings (only at EES, FMS and EMS) and ways that you and your child (or children) can get involved in events throughout the school year.  You’ll also be able to search the Directory for the last name of your child’s new classmates in case you’d like to send them an invitation to a party or a play date during the school year.  Please take a few minutes to complete your family profile so that you can receive the weekly e-newsletter to keep you informed of all that is happening across our school district.  This is the PTO’s primary contact database! 

    New and Returning FamiliesPlease go to essextownpto.membershiptoolkit.com and complete/update your family profile by: October 1, 2019