Vermont High School Softball Officiating


    This course has been designed to help you become a NFHS certified Vermont High School softball umpire by understanding and properly administering specific rules of the game.  You will also learn about appropriate signals, managing game situations and being a respected and professional umpire.  The course covers the many aspects of fast pitch softball officiating including orientation to the game, professional dress, basic rules, mechanics, positioning, game management. At the March 19 meeting, you will be able to sign up to officiate games, learn about current rules/trends and meet fellow officials. You will be supported all along the way.      

    Cost: Free 

    Dates: Friday March 3, Classroom 6pm - 9pm; 

                Saturday March 4, Field mechanics in gym 9am - 12 noon;

                March 19 10am - 1pm State Meeting (Spaulding High School); 

                Saturday April TBD, Live action at Swanton  

    Location: Essex High School, Essex Junction, Vermont 05452

    Register at link below. For more information, email Joe Teegarden at or call 802 233 2319