Child Nutrition Services in EWSD

  • Child Nutrition Services provides meals for EWSD at:EMS Lunch Bar

    • Hiawatha School
    • Summit Street School
    • Essex Elementary School
    • Founders Memorial School
    • Thomas Fleming School
    • Albert D. Lawton School
    • Essex Middle School
    • Westford School
    • Essex Community Educational Center

    Pay for lunch, set up a payment account, and see prices on our Lunch Payments pages.

    For assistance paying and to apply for free or reduced-price lunches, visit our FRPL School Meals pages.

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What we do

  • Salad bar Healthy meals

    School Menus is where we share our nutritious, changing monthly lunch menus for you to view or download. Breakfast and summer meals are also offered within EWSD, which is an equal opportunity employer. Read the USDA nondiscrimination statement for more.

    Pizza GF Special dietary needs

    The Child Nutrition Services is happy to work with families in accommodating special needs for children who have allergies or nutrition-related conditions that require special care. Nutritional information is available online for all our meals daily, and you can find it by going to Nutritional Menus. If you have specific allergens you need to notify the department about, please call or email Scott Fay, at (802) 857-7333.

    Farm to School Farm to School in EWSD

    EWSD partners with local farmers and food producers to supply the Essex and Westford schools with fresh, locally grown vegetables and protein.
    To learn more about our farm-to-school program and how it helps bolster with our vast lunch program and healthy eating educational initiatives, visit our Farm to School page .

    Field Trips tile Field trips

    We offer affordable or free field trip meals. In order to participate, your student's teacher must distribute and collect all field trip order forms in their classroom prior to a field trip. If you haven't heard of this program, please inquire with your student's teacher. 


    Signature Sandwiches In-district ordering

    CNS provides lunch orders and catering options for all support staff and events at the Essex Westford facilities. To learn more about staff lunch orders, visit the Dashboard on your school's page.  

    Little kids Little Ones University

    CNS provides meals for Little Ones University childcare center. View their monthly menu.

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