Volunteering with EWSD

  • Welcome! Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Essex Westford School District. We look forward to partnering with you to provide the best possible experiences for our community’s children.

    There are four levels of volunteers in our district. Depending on the level for which you hope to volunteer, there may be some restrictions on the roles you may serve in and/or you may be required to complete additional screenings. Please note that for the 2022/23 school year, the coordinating teacher/coach/activity advisor will contact volunteers directly and invite them to begin the registration process, which includes completing an online form (see details below).

    The school Principal or department Director has sole discretion whether to accept or not accept specific individuals as volunteers (subject to the background check results as outlined), to limit a volunteer's service with the district, and in all decisions related to the continuation of a volunteer’s service. The decision of the Principal/Director on these matters is considered final.

    Volunteer Levels

    • Student Volunteer: A volunteer under the age of 18 who is enrolled as a student within our district. 
    • Level 1 Volunteer: A volunteer whose work does not involve direct contact with school children (e.g. creating student directory, collecting order forms for a fund-raising event, or performing other clerical or administrative tasks from home; preparing food items for school events/fundraisers; serving on an interview committee; etc.).
    • Level 2 Volunteer: A volunteer who provides services within the school, on school district premises, or during school events, to assist within the classroom, library, main office, or other departments. Work involves direct contact with school children, but typically under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher or other approved school professional (e.g. room parent, dance/field trip chaperone, volunteer coach, etc.). 
      • Note: Those who wish to volunteer in a Level 2 role should complete the registration form and screening as outlined below. A Level 2 volunteer may also perform Level 1 duties as assigned.
    • Level 3 Volunteer: A volunteer who provides direct services to students that involves extensive unsupervised contact with school children (e.g. overnight chaperone, volunteer driver of students, volunteer advisor, student mentors, etc.). A Level 3 volunteer may also perform Level 1 or Level 2 duties as assigned.
      • Note: Those who expect to serve in a Level 3 volunteer role should coordinate with the appropriate EWSD teacher or staff member to complete the screening process and required paperwork prior to volunteering.

Volunteer Screening and Limitations

  • Student Volunteers

  • Level 1 Volunteers

  • Level 2 Volunteers

  • Level 3 Volunteers

Volunteer Expectations

  • All volunteers are expected to abide by all applicable EWSD policies and procedures, the Staff Behavior Code of Conduct, federal and state laws and regulations, and other administrative rules while providing service within our schools. Please also review the Expectations for Volunteers webpage, which summarizes some of the key policies, procedures and rules applicable to volunteers.

    A Volunteer Coaches Guide has also been created with additional information applicable to volunteer coaches.