*Volunteering Update *

  • *Given the current COVID-19 environment, the Essex Westford School District is not accepting volunteer registrations at this time. 

Volunteer Registration

  • Individuals interested in volunteering in our schools must register to volunteer using our online registration form prior to performing volunteer services within our schools.   Once you register online, you will receive an email confirmation of your submission.  You willl need to confirm it is you before your registration can be processed.

    We have recently upgraded our system so volunteers only need to register once a year even if you are interested in volunteering at multiple schools/locations.

    All volunteers are expected to abide  by all applicable EWSD policies and procedures, federal and state laws and regulations,  and other administrative rules while providing service within our schools. Expectations for Volunteers has been created to summarize some of the key policies, procedures and rules applicable to volunteers.

    It is the discretion of the Principal/Director to accept or not accept specific individuals as volunteers (subject to the background check results as outlined below), to limit a volunteer's service with the district, and all decisions related to the continuation of a volunteer’s service.   The Principal/Director on these matters is considered final.

Volunteer Background Check Requirements

  • In order to protect our students from potential abuse or exploitation, EWSD will be performing an online Vermont criminal record check screening through the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC) on all individuals interested in volunteering in our schools.  Your online registration serves as your authorization for us to perform this check.  This check is completed each school year in which you register to volunteer.  Please refer to the Acceptable Background Check Standards for a list of crimes that would typically disqualify a person from serving as a volunteer in our schools.  

    A fingerprint supported background check and a check of the Agency of Human Services registries may be required in some circumstances.  If required, the process for obtaining these checks can be found here.  

    A check with the VT Department of Motor Vehicles is required for all volunteer drivers. Please refer to our Requirements for Employee/Volunteer Drivers webpage for more information about the requirements to serve as a volunteer driver with the district, and for information as to the types of driving or ciminal offenses that would prohibit you from being able to transport students.

    Please refer to the Volunteer Screening Requirements and Rules for Assignment for more information about screening requirements.  


Volunteer Coaches

  • Volunteer coaches are expected to complete all the background check requirements outlined above prior to their service with the district.   A  Volunteer Coaches Guide has also been created to summarize key policies, procedures and rules applicable to volunteer coaches, and to outline additional expectations related to volunteer coaches conduct and behavior.

Volunteer Documents