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Teacher Agreement

  • Teacher Agreement 2021-24

    This agreement is made and entered into between the Essex Westford Educational Community Unified Union School Board and the Essex Westford Education Association, an affiliate of the Vermont-NEA and the National Education Association.

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  • Side Letter: COVID Leave 2-11-22

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  • Letter of Understanding - Seniority

    “If a reduction in force requires a teacher to be reassigned to another school, neither the sending nor the receiving school shall be obligated to alter the school’s master schedule (nor split a class) in order to accommodate the reassignment.  This may mean that the least senior person in the seniority category being reduced will not be the person receiving the reduction-in-force.  Instead, the least senior person that will enable the reassignment to occur will be the person who is reduced within the seniority category”...

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  • Side Letter of Agreement - Column Movement

    1. Teachers employed by the Essex Town School District as of 6/30/17 who were placed at B+45 for the 2016-17 school year shall be eligible for column movement to M+30 once they accrue 60 approved credits after the attainment of their bachelor’s degree (pursuant to Article 13.5), whether or not the teacher holds a Master’s Degree.
    2. This Agreement is unique to this case, is non-precedent setting, and does not establish any practice or foundation for future negotiations between the parties; and,
    3. The Association agrees not to grieve the existence of this Agreement, and the Association furthermore agrees not to use this Agreement as a basis for grievance on this topic.

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