COURSE TITLE AND NUMBER (and HomePage address): Driver and Traffic Safety Education: D001 (semester 1), D002 (semester 2)

    TEACHERS: William Mayville, David Brautigam

    BLOCK: All Blocks

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to develop good driving skills, knowledge and attitudes with an emphasis on safety. Classroom, simulation, range and road experience will be included.

    COURSE CONTENT: Motor Vehicle Law; Driving Procedures; Zone Control/Reference Points; Natural Laws; Adverse Weather/Night Driving; Handling Emergencies; Occupant Restraints/Crash Dynamics; Alcohol & Other Drugs; Buying, Insuring, and Registration of a Vehicle; and Preventive Maintenance.

    COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students will have knowledge and understanding, through classroom activities, of content areas. Students will practice and demonstrate, through driver simulation, the skills and learning of content areas. Students will practice and demonstrate, on the road and range, the skills and learning of content area.

    PHILOSOPHY: We believe that the main focus of Driver Education, at Essex High School is to develop a more conscientious, efficient traffic citizen, who understands and demonstrates the essential components of the safe operation of a motor vehicle. A quality Driver Education program is designed to develop driving skills, knowledge, and attitudes with an emphasis on safety. We believe that necessary skills and behavioral training are required to operate a motor vehicle. We believe that students must develop intellectual abilities to perceive and process important traffic information in order to execute decisions which reduces the risk of a collision. We believe that operation a motor vehicle is a necessary lifelong activity that a student needs to function in a mobile society.

    TEXT: Tomorrow’s Drivers, Eighth Edition Drive Right, Ninth Edition

    TEACHING STYLES: This class will use a variety of instructional methods: lecture, laboratory, discussion, movies, simulation, research, homework, projects, presentations.


    HOMEWORK: Homework will consist of readings, projects, and study guides. Long term assignments may include a research paper and a project on buying, insuring and registering a car. Late homework will not be accepted, and make-up work will follow school policy.

    CLASS MATERIALS: Students should come to class each day prepared with folder with packets; pencil/pen and textbooks. Textbook should be covered, please.

    ATTENDANCE: Students have to meet the requirement for completion of 30 class hour and 6 driving hours. Students that do not meet this requirement will have to make-up the time during the next semester. If you are tardy to driving, you may miss a driving day. Make-up work will follow school policy. If you know you are going to miss a day that you drive, let your instructor know so that he can make adjustments, if possible. It is the student’s responsibility to have the excused “blue slips” signed by the appropriate teacher from whose class the student missed (i.e. miss study hall = the study hall teacher will sign “blue slip” on the next A/B day).

    CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR: The Driver Education vehicle is a classroom, and all class protocol will be followed. See Driver Education Guidelines on Parent Permission form.

    STUDENT EVALUATION: Classroom grades make up 80% and Final exam makes up 20%. Students have to pass both the Driving Phase and the Classroom phase for completion.

    STUDY HINTS FOR THIS COURSE: Students should do their homework and complete Study Guides. Extra help is always available. Students should follow the monthly course syllabus.

    COMMUNICATION: Parent Information letter and Parent Permission form; Parent Involvement letters; More-Driving-Experience letter; and Parent Course Completion letter.

    CALL: Driver Education Dept. @ 879-5532

    E-MAIL: Click on Bill Mayville or David Brautigam Here.

    EHS COMMON CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: see Essex High School “Classroom Expectations” student handout and Parent Permission form.