• Back-in-Turnaround (Vermont Turn Around)

    * Check rear view mirror. Slow down and move over to Lane Position #3.

    * Delay right signal until you pass half-way through intersection.

    * Stop along side the edge of the road, just beyond the intersection(Lane Position #3, Use Ref. Pts. “C”).

    * Shift to reverse. Check for traffic in ALL directions.

    * While looking over right shoulder turn the steering wheel to the right when the rear bumper (Use Ref. Pt. “J”) aligns with the side street.

    * Return the steering wheel to center steer as vehicle aligns in middle of side street (Lane Position #1 or #2, Use Ref. Pt. “L”).

    * Back the vehicle beyond either the intersection, crosswalk, or restraining line (Check Ref. Pts. “M”/side mirrors).

    * Shift to drive or first gear. Signal left, proceed when you have line-of-sight and traffic is clear (Use Ref. Pt. “S” for left turn).

    Hill Starts

    * Signal right and pull over to the right side of the road (Lane Position #3).

    * Cancel signal. Set parking brake. Shift to neutral.

    * Take your right foot off foot brake to show that the parking brake will hold the car on the hill.

    * When to told to proceed: (1)shift to drive; (2)signal left; (3)look in the mirrors; (4)headcheck over left shoulder in blind spot; (5)accelerate gently� against the parking brake. Continue to headcheck over shoulder, if clear, release parking brake and proceed.

    * Remember to cancel your left signal.