Global Leadership Program

  • The Global Leadership Program (www.EssexGLP.orgis an interdisciplinary program focused on cross-cultural competency, leadership development, and language skills.

    GLP is designed for students who wish to prepare for study, travel, and work in an increasingly competitive and global economy. The program involves a flexible combination of globally-focused coursework, internships, and activities that are customized to students’ personal, academic and pre-professional goals.

    Upon graduation, students receive a GLP endorsement on their diploma to recognize and reward their pursuit of learning and experiences in fields with an international dimension. Students can sign up for the program as early as ninth grade. Tenth through twelfth grade students may also apply.

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Endorsement requirements

  • To earn the Global Leadership Program Endorsement, students must complete the following (in addition to high school graduation requirements):

    • Two or more years of study of one world language (in addition to graduation requirement)
    • EHS Internship course (Course Number B340 .5 Elective credit). Note: 11th-12th grade students complete internship, facilitated by the EHS Internship Coordinator
    • Two half-credit courses or one full credit course from the following globally-themed courses list. (Note: This requirement may be met through course selection to complete graduation requirements.) 
      •  World Cultures (.5 Social Studies credit)
      •  Current Issues (.5 Social Studies credit)
      •  Facing History and Ourselves (.5 Social Studies credit)
      •  Introduction to World Geography (.5 Social Studies credit)
      •  AP Comparative Government and Politics (.5 Social Studies credit)
      •  AP World History (1 World Studies credit)
      •  World Literature (.5 English credit)
      •  Public Speaking (.5 English credit)
      •  Multicultural Literature (.5 English credit)
      •  Belize Field Study (.5 Natural Science credit)
      •  Designing Solutions to Global Challenges (1 Physical Science credit)
    • Capstone Experience
      • Global studies theme supporting post high school graduation goals
      • Developed with the support of the GLP Faculty advisor
    • Participation in 10 GLP endorsement events, including, for example:
      • Guest lectures
      • Workshops
      • Performance
      • Film series
      • Exchange program participation (Tour Guide, Student Ambassador, Student Host, Scholarship student host, Student Traveler)
      • Off-campus events such as: Rowland Foundation Conference, Rotary meetings and/or presentations, University of Vermont lecture series and events

Key program benefits

  • • Skills and knowledge that support future success in a global economy

    • Opportunities to grow a pre-professional network that supports summer internships and jobs, college applications, and valuable experiences through participation in GLP internships, guest lectures, and UVM and other off-campus events

    • Planning for semester or year-long study abroad programs in college

    • Program can be completed as a stand-alone academy or concurrently with AVPA or STEM