Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Education in Science Education from Boston University Master's of Education in Curriculum from Saint Michael's College

Mrs. Caitlin Kurnit

Caitlin Kurnit is a science-obsessed, nerdy, crafty teacher originally from Hampton, New Hampshire. Mrs. Kurnit loves sharing her passion for science with her students through hands-on project-based learning.

In her free time Mrs. Kurnit plays and runs Dungeons & Dragons games, works in her vegetable garden, sews her own wardrobe, knits a variety of woolens, participates in medieval reenactment groups, and cooks delicious meals from scratch.

  • 7th Grade Science

    Course Description:

    In this course we move from small to big.  We begin by examining the components and the functions of the cell. Then we move outward, examining organ systems and the human body machine. After examining genetics we will look at larger population dynamics. From there we leap into outer space and look at the role gravity plays in the cosmos. We continue our explorations with kinetic energy, waves and the electromagnetic spectrum. Embedded in all that we do is an examination of the scientific method.

    Units of Study:

    Cell Biology, Genetics, Astronomy, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Kinetic Energy. By the end of the year, students will have explored these concepts through hands on learning.

    Types of Learning:

    Students will learn by doing labs, conducting research, creating presentations, and building models, creating projects, writing essays, making posters, and much more!.  Students will show their understanding through formative and summative assessments. Almost all assignments will be completed through Google Classroom.

    How to get extra help:

    Extra help is available during, Learning Block and Intervention Block, as well as after school. Contact Mrs. Kurnit at