• Fairy Tales and Fun

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 4/17/2019 9:15:00 AM

    Hi families!

    I am very excited to share with you our adapted fairy tales that the students created with Ms. Tessa during her solo weeks. Click on the link to our Adapted Fairy Tale Folder. Then scroll through to find the Google Slide that has your child's name on it. Open that and listen to their fairy tale.

    In other news, the third graders worked SUPER hard on our first round of SBAC testing. These tests were assessing their reading and writing skills. In May we will have two math SBAC tests.

    We have started our third-grade-wide creation of an adapted fairy tale play. We will be performing this at the assembly on Thursday, May 9th at 8:00 AM. We hope you can attend!

    In reading and writing we are about to move into a unit on poetry. We will learn about powerful words, images, and voice.

    Our current math unit is an extension of earlier work on multiplication, division, and fractions. I hope to get to the final math unit of the year which is a fun engineering unit about bridge building.

    In science we will learn about life cycles, fossils, and continue to think about ecosystems. Dave Davidson, our technology expert, will be helping us with a computer coding project to illustrate our learning about life cycles. 

    Upcoming Dates:

    April vacation 4/22-4/26

    Indian Brook Field Trip 5/3 10-1:30

    Third Grade Play and Assembly 5/9 8:00 AM

    Math SBAC 5/13-5/14

    No School 5/27

    Echo Field Trip 5/30

    End of Year Show @Fleming 6/6 1:00

    Third Grade Talent Show 6/10 1:30

    End of year BBQ and Field Day 6/12

    Maple Street Park Field Trip 6/13

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  • Spring Updates

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 3/13/2019 1:00:00 PM

    Happy (almost) Spring!

    We have been eagerly awaiting spring here in third grade. Just yesterday we enjoyed the Mobile Maple Workshop with CTE students, a sure sign of spring in Vermont! More sunshine is streaming into our classroom and we are eager to get outside more as the school grounds start to thaw.

    We will be skating at the high school next Wednesday, March 20th and March 27th. We leave the school around 12:30 and we return around 2:30. 

    Our latest work in reading has been in a nonfiction unit called Research Clubs. Our first club studied a specific animal and now our second club is studying all about a particular social issue. Students are working hard to read multiple resources on a topic and to synthisize the different texts to make meaning. We are also working on using evidence from the text to support our opinions.

    Our writing unit, called "Changing the World," is just that. We are writing to restaurants, ski areas, politicians, friends, and family, trying to persuade them to make a change in their actions or beliefs. Kids have picked deeply meaningful topics, such as reducing waste, eliminating litter, and treating people more kindly. We will finish publishing them and then mail them off to their chosen audience.

    Ms. Tessa has taken over math teaching for this unit. In math students have been doing geometry. They have been identifying the attributes of shapes. We have had a lot of fun building quadrilaterals and polygons with geoboards and toothpicks. Students have been getting creative to build irregular and regular shapes.

    Ms. Tessa and her co-intern in Ms. Pacy's class, Ms. Locke, have written the latest science unit. They are currently teaching science. The class has started a new science unit on animal adaptations. They are examining and discussing the traits of animals that help them survive in an environment. We have had some exciting discussions on if elephants could survive in the rainforest! We will do a fun bird beak lab where students will try out a variety of “bird beaks”. They will have to decide if the mystery bird belongs in the rainforest or if it is an invasive species. 

    a description of unit 6 geometry math frequently asked question about unit 6 math

    Ms. Tessa will be completing her solo weeks starting March 25th and ending April 5th. Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Ms. Bergstrom

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  • Second Semester in Full Swing

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 1/29/2019 1:30:00 PM

    Hi families!

    I hope you had a chance to view your child's report card over the weekend. Please let me know if you have any questions about the new report card. All of our third graders have already made huge progress since semester. We plan to keep working hard and keep making gains all the way until school is out in June. We also have Ms. Tessa Carbonneau student teaching with us full time until May, so we have lots of fun and learning with her, too!

    In reading, we are working on a unit called Character Studies. The essential learning targets are to identify a character's traits and provide evidence from the text to support that trait, notice actions characters make and reasons why they make them, and determine the lesson or theme of a text. The kids are loving our read aloud book Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo and their book club books. They are successfully noticing traits, actions, and lessons.

    In writing, we are wrapping up our research writing all about a country. Students learned how to to take notes from a text, online article, and video, without plagiarizing. They are writing paragraphs using a hook, a topic sentence/main idea, supportive details, and a concluding sentence. 

    We are learning about maps, continents, oceans, and cultures around the world, as well as what it's like for refugees and immigrants who leave their home countries. They have loved the Mystery Video Chats we've had with a couple of my friends. They used concrete maps, google maps, and thoughtful questions to narrow down that my first friend was in Zurich, Switzerland, and my second was in Cape Coral, Florida. Where will my third friend be located???

    In math, we just wrapped up a unit on measurement and fractions and are now focused on multiplication and division. Here is the family letter from the Bridges Math Program about unit 5:

    All about multiplication and divsion

    frequently asked questions about unit 5


    Let me know if you have any questions about what's happening in third grade. I love hearing from you!

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  • Updates

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 11/28/2018 1:00:00 PM

    Hi families!

    After that extra long and snowy Thanksgiving break, we have dived right back into our hard work here in third grade.

    In math we are in the midst of Unit 3 which is all about multi-digit addition and subtraction strategies. We will be introducing the traditional addition and subtraction algorithms that we all learned in our elementary days, but it is not expected that the students have this strategy mastered. At this point, we want students using efficient strategies such as solving the problems in parts using a numberline or expanded form.  Here is what the Bridges Program says about this unit: 

    multi-digit addition and subtraction goals second page of multi-digit addition and subtraction family letter


    In reading and writing we are working on nonfiction texts. We are learning how to identify an author's main idea and their opinion about a specific topic. We are also trying to teach others what we have learned by using expert words and our own ideas that we've grown from thinking about the text. As writers we are trying to write an organized informational book with multiple chapters and parts. We are elaborating on each subtopic using ideas, facts, observations, diagrams, and questions. We look forward to typing these books on google slides and sharing them with our learning buddies in Mrs. Manz's first grade class.


    Here is a checklist that we are using to help us with our informational writing:

    writing structure checklist Writing craft checklist Language conventions checklist


    Finally, we have a lot of exciting projects going in our science and social studies curriculum. We are learning about weather and climate around the world. We have been assigned locations around the world that experience specific types of weather hazards. We are in the midst of creating maps of these locations with our art teacher, Ms. Feller's help. We will be learning about the weather hazards that occur in each location and designing structures to withstand that weather hazard. We will also be creating big bar graphs that represent the climate data from each of these locations.

    Upcoming Dates:

    Field Trip to Flynn Theater December 4th 11:15-1:30

    Weather Structure Engineering December 11th 11:40-12:25 (volunteers welcome)

    Weather Structure Engineering December 18th 11:40-12:25 (volunteers welcome)

    Weather Structure Testing Challenge Event December 21st 9:15-10:00

    Holiday Dinner December 13th 11:00

    School Vacation December 24th-January 1st

    Sing A Long December 20th 1:30





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  • Third Grade Updates

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 10/15/2018 3:30:00 PM

    Hi families!

    I can't believe we are already half way through October! Time is flying!

    In math we've moved onto Unit 2 which is all about equal groups. In third grade we transition our brains from additive brains, to multiplicative brains, and part of that includes being able to easily identify equal groups of objects. You can try this at home, too, by making equal groups of any object, or by looking for rows and columns in window panes, grids, or other arrays.

    bridges family letter for unit 2

    bridges family letter unit 2 part 2

    In reading we just finished up our first unit called Builing a Reading Life. We have learned how to incorporate joyful reading, with perseverence and grit into our daily lives. We also reviewed strategies for summarizing (re-telling), predicting, envisioning, and word solving. Next we will be studying some different genres of texts and then we will do a unit on nonfiction.

    In writing we are following the writing process as we work on our second round of personal narratives, which are small moment stories from our lives. We continue to work on developing the heart of our stories using actions, dialogue, thoughts, and images. We are also working on paragraphing, using punctuation properly, and spelling words we know correctly.

    In science we are finishing up our unit on forces and interactions. We'll be doing a week long intensive unit at the end of October to explore and engineer our own maglev trains. Stay tuned for photos from that experience!

    And in social studies we've been learning about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). We've been thinking about what we love about the earth and how we can work to preserve our planet. To learn more check out https://www.globalgoals.org/


    October 16th - EWSD emergency test of ALERT system

    October 17th - Picture retake morning  / Class Pictures!

    October 18th - Family Conferences.   No school for students

    October 19th - No School

    October 22nd - Book Fair starts in the AFTERNOON from 2:45-3:15.  Book Fair schedule is as follows:

    • 10/23 opens at 7:45-8:15, 2:45-3:15 & during the Pasta Dinner from 5:30-7:00
    • 10/24 opens at 7:45-8:15 & 2:45-3:15
    • 10/25 opens at 7:45-8:15 & 2:45-3:15
    • 10/26 open from 7:45-8:15

    October 23rd - PTO Pasta Dinner from 5:30-7:00

    October 25th - Assembly on Railroad Safety starting at 8:00

    October 26th - Fun Run - 1:30-2:00…...this is a RAIN or SHINE event

    kids building a structure with branches kids building structure on rocks kids structure building with nature building nature sculptures on rocks kids building a bridge between rocks kids building a house with branches and rocks


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  • Curriculum Updates

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 9/12/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Hi families!

    Thanks for all of your support during these first few weeks of school. It's been a great start to the school and I think this class is going to have a great year! 

    If you haven't followed us already on Instagram, please check us out @msbergstroms3rdgrade.

    I wanted to let you know a little bit about what our curriculum is focused on during this part of the year.

    Our reading unit is called Building a Reading Life. We are practicing finding a good reading spot, choosing lots and lots of just right books (not too hard and not too easy), and we are approaching reading with a positive attitude--"as if books are gold!" We are also recognizing that reading is not a competition and that we can read easy books if we want to, as long as reading feels fun. The more fun we have with reading, the more we will do it, and the better we get at it. 

    In writing our first unit of study is focused on writng personal narratives, or true stories from our lives. We've learned a lot of strategies to get ideas from our lives, such as thinking of memories we have with a special person, or memories we have from a special place. We are going back in our mind to these memories and zooming in on every little detail, including the things we said, felt, and thought in this moment. We are also increasing our writing stamina and many of us are already great at writing an entire page each day of writer's workshop. We know that writing is hard, but we CAN do it!

    In science we've been learning about force and motion. We've done some investigations with toy cars, ping pong balls, golf balls, and other sized balls, to discover that a greater force is needed to move an object with a greater mass. We've also discovered that gravity pulls things to the earth and that if two objects are dropped at the same time, from the same height, that the object will hit the ground at the same time.

    Our math unit is a review of second grade skills including how to use efficient strategies to solve addition and subtraction facts. We are also working on graphing data, solving unbalanced equations (9 + 4 = _ + 5), and transitioning our brains from additive thinkers, to multiplicative thinkers by using multiplication equations to stand for a problem instead of an addition equation.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Here is a screen shot of the parent letter that our math program has created about Unit 1:

    Text about addition and subtraction patterns in math second part of family letter about math unit 1

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  • One Last Blog Post

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 6/15/2018 8:30:00 AM

    Happy Summer!

    What a great school year we had! I loved my time with your hard-working, kind, creative, talented, and enthusiastic children. I have many fond memories of the year and I look forward to hearing about all of their future accomplishments as they make their way in the world.

    I want to share our very last science project of the year. The students learned how to do computer coding using the program Scratch. They each studied the life cycle of an animal, made drawings of each phase of its life cycle, and then animated their animals to teach about its life cycle process. Please click on this link to view our life cycle coding projects.

    Lastly, here are the few pictures I took from our fabulous pool party and one from the final assembly. Enjoy!

    kids in the pool Kids on the diving board Wylie at the pool Our class singing and saying good bye to the school

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  • Suspension Bridge Engineering

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 6/6/2018 1:00:00 PM

    Hi families!

    Some of the students have been working on bridge engineering during our W.I.N. (What I Need) time during the last couple of weeks. I was in charge of the rotation for building suspension bridges. The students learned all about how suspension bridges have cables, towers, and anchorages to support the tension and compression forces that occur. Enjoy the photos of the engineers hard at work:

    Adam and Alice building Amaya and Mira building Carter and ryan building Charlotte and Clover building Chase building Evan and Kassandra building Gianna and partner building Jackson D. building Lea and Eliana building Liam and Lily building Lyla and Riordan building Margaret and Jada building Matthew and Allen building Molly and Aubri Myles and Liliana Paige and Austin Ronin and Alexis Ruthie and Max Sawyer D and Grace Thomas and Sawyer C. Wylie and Niroj building

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  • Butterflies, Ladybugs, and the Garden

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 5/25/2018 2:30:00 PM

    Hi families!

    We had an exciting Third Grade Team Time yesterday. We released our ladybugs and butterflies that we'd grown and studied as part of our life cycle unit. Then we planted seeds in the Summit Garden. While kids were waiting for their turn to plant they were writing poetry and stories about nature.

    Enjoy the photos!

    butterflies in nets and kids on the hill kids looking at butterflies on the hill A butterfly on my hand Mrs. Cole releasing butterfly Siyat looking at a butterfly Butterflies in the grass Kids writing on the hill More kids writing on the hill Mrs. cole and kids planting seeds Planting seeds with me Zora and Jackson Planting Gamalier and Jack planting seeds

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  • ECHO Field Trip

    Posted by Timiny Bergstrom on 5/18/2018 3:15:00 PM

    Hi Families!

    We had a great field trip to the Lake Champlain ECHO Center today! We loved the engineering activity where we were building and testing contraptions to help the sturgeon get over dams. The self-guieded tour was lots of fun and it was a beautiful (but breezy!) day for picnicking and running races in Waterfront Park. 

    Thank you to Charlie, Andrea, Judy, Valerie, and Jeannie who were excellent chaperones for us today!

    Enjoy the photos:

    kids holding the sturgeon kids doing fish activity orange group doing fish activity orange group again doing fish activity yellow group doing activity green group doing activity blue group doing activity kids watching frog feeding kids at the star fish tank kids playing with kinetic sand kids at watershed sand area

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