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    You will find resources here to help you help your child grow as a reader.


    Spelling City Use this link to review spelling patterns that will aid in decoding words as you read.


    Talking Dictionary with Rereading

    For students who have slower rates of reading, more reading time is needed.   The reserachers say that reading opportunities are the biggest indicators for growth.  For example, Allington believes children who are struggling: need to read a lot, need books they can read, need to learn to read fluently, and need to develop thoughtful literacy.  Biggam writes, "In order to catch up to their peers, they need to read more than children who are able to handle grade-level text" (134).


    The Talking Dictionary approach may help these students. The student selects a just right book and reads aloud for one minute and silently for one minute.  While the student reads, the teacher keeps time and notes errors.  When the student encounters an unknown word, he asks the teacher for it.  In this way, the teacher is a "dictionary" for the student.  At the end of two minute, the teacher and student chart the total number of words read correctly (dividing the total number of words by 2).  They may also discuss a few of the unknown words.  This is repeated two more times the same day. The number of words read correctly should increase each time as the student reads further into the passage with each rereading.  This is repeated each day until the book is completed.


    Click here to view a sample Talking Dictionary chart.