• Course Description:

    In this class we will explore Spanish language and culture, lay a strong foundation for future Spanish language study.


    Units of Study:

    Spanish follows a two-year cycle in 7th and 8th grade, allowing us to study the family, the house, weather, sports and activities, courtesy, food, restaurants and stores, the community, travel, time, and basic geography.


    Types of Learning:

    Students will show their understanding through projects, interviews, quizzes, conversations, storytelling, and games.


    How to get extra help:

    Students can get extra help before and after school, during learning block, or during intervention. Students are encouraged to seek out extra help and to contact Sra. Anelli directly in school or via email.


    General Information:

    • Classroom expectations include respectful behavior, kindness, punctuality,engagement in activities and a willingness to participate in Spanish.
    • Classroom materials are generally teacher created, but also include the digital magazine ¿Qué Tal?,  and our class site on Quia.com.
    • Homework is generally assigned 3 or 4 times a week, but never over weekends or school vacations. Assignments are designed to extend our  time we have in class, to review skills, and self-assess students’ understanding of material covered in class. Generally, these assignments should only take 5-10 minutes. Occasionally, students need to work on projects when they need more than the time given in class.


    Please contact Sra. Anelli with any questions via email at: vanelli@ewsd.org or by phone at 802-857-7890.