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    September Challenge Plan - Our team building always begins with a challenging activity called "The Dragon Dance."  It's a complicated (but fun) way to show how people can work together to achieve success when they concentrate on positives.


    October Challenge Plan - Building Cornish Blue Pixie Communities - We'll build a forest home on the nature trail for these vicious little friends.  Keep them happy...they bite! Collect your forest house-building supplies!  We'll use the peak off foliage season to crunch-crunch-crunch our way through leaves and autumn's golds in creating homes for our Cornish Blue Pixies.  We all know how persnickity these can be if not given happy digs...so we've got to get out and get what's needed to make them happy.  

    December Challenge Plan - Bernie Botts, that world-famous confections expert has contacted Westford Hogwarts for new ideas for next year's product line.  Your job is to create a new form of candy bar.  As with other Bott products, your design can be slightly "naughty"...that is to say, it can give the person who eats it an unexpected surprise.  What will this be? (Please...NO earwax or buggar flavoured ANYTHING!) You will receive more information from your prefects.

    December Activity - Bartering.  "One man's trash is another man's treasure" is an expression that forms the basis of our activity.  Here's a chance just before the holiday(s) to swap items, food, or services for something you find appealing.  The headmaster will provide you with additional information at team time. This is a tradition of our team that has taken place for almost 15 years.

    January Challenge - Hogwarts Trivia Game Show: Panels of house experts compete to answer questions that even Dumbledore would have trouble answering!  Is Luna left or right handed?  How do students secretly enter Hogwarts School after getting of the train?  Why was Severus Snape the real hero of the Hogwarts epic? If you can answer any one of these, you might let your prefect or scout know you'd like to be on this four-person team.  


     House Winner - Term One (Gryffin House)

    Bern House 329

    Ramsay House 341

    Tudour House 379

    Gryffin House 414