Practical Arts classes

  • Practical Arts is available to students under two areas of study-Family and Consumer Science and Technology Education.

    The variety of courses increase student learning in “hands-on” class lab situations.

    The courses in Practical Arts help students to make connections between their learning and personal/career choices. Once the .5 credit graduation requirement is met, students have a wide variety of elective options where practical skills are learned and can be used throughout their adult lives.

Family and Consumer Science classes

    Course Number H002                    .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 9-12

    This is an introductory hands-on food preparation course. We emphasize basic cooking skills, safety and sanitation, wise consumer habits, and healthy nutritional choices. Units begin with independent cooking and progress into group planning and team preparation of more advanced dishes. Students will also complete projects that correspond with current food issues and trends. This course or Food Science is recommended for all students.

    Course Number H001                    .5 Practical Arts credit                          Grades 9-12

    If you are a foodie, but you are also interested in food science, wellness, and understanding the role food plays in maintaining a healthy life, then this course is for you. Students explore the relationship between food and science through the development of cooking skills in this project based course. Students interested in the careers of dietetics, nutrition, physical therapy, and food technology should consider this course. This course or Foods I is recommended for all students.

    Course Number H003                    .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 10-12

    This is an advanced course designed for students who wish to learn about food and its relationship to our multicultural world. This hands-on course is a spectacular opportunity to prepare and learn about food, history, and various diverse cultures. When not in the kitchen, students will supplement their learning with food based research and cooking projects. Students are expected to apply their knowledge from Foods I or Food Science in order to continue building their skill set. This is a good course for students interested in advanced cooking and/or a career in food services.

    Prerequisites: Foods I or Food Science

    Course Number H009                    .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 10-11

    This course is designed to prepare students with life skills for living on your own. Students explore the following areas: personal development, financial literacy, careers, and personal living space. These units will be explored through goal-setting, decision and communication skills, mental health, personal finance, job searching, roommate scenarios and living skills, and more. The course content is approached with hands on experiences, group work, discussion, projects, and more.

    Course Number H005                    .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 9-12

    Three options - Students can pick their own focus.

      One option: Learn valuable sewing skills that may save you money or lead you to an exciting profession. Learn to sew outdoor clothing, everyday wear, accessories or special occasion clothing. Create, design and/or sew items for your home, dorm room or apartment.  Students in the Performing Arts program can use these skills for stage productions here at EHS.

      Second option: Integrate textiles and sewing to create your own projects. Learn about fabrics and their unique properties.

      Third option:  Tailor the course to meet your needs and make your own personal plan - sewing, designing or working with fabrics, careers! You decide. A great choice for students interested in careers related to fashion, fashion merchandising/marketing, art, fiber arts design, textiles, theater costuming, sewing or starting your own related business.

    Students can take this course to fulfill an AVPA endorsement requirement.

    Students can take this course more than once for credit.

    Course Number H008                    .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 9-10

    This course is an exciting and fun way to learn about children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development from birth to age 12 from a practical, hands-on perspective. Students will plan, prepare, and run an in-class preschool during the mid-point of the semester.

    The Electronic Baby is also a part of this course! Students are required to care for the baby for one weekend during the semester.   Students interested in learning more about children and working with them in the future should consider this course.

    Course Number H004                    .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 11-12

    This course is an excellent opportunity for students interested in various careers working with children: education, nursing, social work, psychology, special education, physical and occupational therapy, law enforcement, and pediatrics should consider this course. This course introduces developmental theory with an emphasis on collaboration.  

    Students are required to visit a local child care center to observe and interact with children. Students plan, prepare, and run a preschool at EHS during the semester. Any student may take this course, including students who have taken H008.

    Course Number H012                    .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 9-12

    First year students (I) will create living spaces using design and decorating concepts. A practical skills unit using fabrics, tile, and wood will give students experience with home design materials. Students interested in careers related to architecture, design, decorating, event planning, and town planning should consider this course. This is a project based course including community field trips and guest speakers.

    Second year students (II) will have opportunities to work with real clients and professionals in the community to increase their skills and knowledge. Independent options to visit and shadow professionals in the field are available. Field Trips to local vendors and “hands-on” class activities will give real life experiences in designing, cost bidding, and marketing. Students interested in studying related topics in college should sign up for a second year.

    Students can take this course to fulfill an AVPA endorsement requirement.

Technology Education classes

    Course Number I033                     1 Practical Arts credit                               Grades 9-12

    In this course we will learn about architectural styles, design, and engineering through hands-on work with drafting tools, AutoCAD software, and scale model construction using FabLab equipment (Laser Engraver & 3D printer), and we will even get to design and build cool items using our woodworking tools.

    This course is especially helpful for students hoping to study engineering or architecture after high school, but is also beneficial for anyone who wants to confidently make plans and build elements for the home.

    Students can take this course to fulfill an AVPA endorsement requirement.

    Course Number I016                     .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 9-12  

    This course is a fun way to get introduced to electronics which do appear on SAT and ACT exams.  No experience is necessary since we will learn the basics of electronic components, read schematics and construct circuits with confidence.

    We’ll work with one component at a time to gain proficiency with these tiny pieces and then we will build neat circuits in preparation for a project which incorporates all of our learning into an electronic device “invention”.  This final project will even get our hands on some of the FabLab equipment (Laser Engraver & 3D printer).

    Course Number I038                     .5 Fine Arts OR Practical Arts credit       Grades 9-12

    Media Communications provides students with a broad understanding of digital media through hands on projects and creative design thinking. Students will use Photoshop, Audition and Premiere Pro to design projects, including a movie poster and a short video.

    Course Number F356                    1 Fine Arts OR Practical Arts credit        Grades 9-12

    Students will learn about many of the skills required to conceive and produce a short movie. Story elements and composition, screenplay, lighting, basic to advanced camera work, audio recording for film, critique of award winning films, career exploration, and small-group filmmaking will help students gain real life film-making skills.

    Course Number F357                    1 Fine Arts OR Practical Arts credit        Grades 10-12

    Students will focus on the creation of the EHS sports show EHSPN. This course is for students interested in video production, acting for the camera and/or sports reporting. This course allows students with a wide range of skill sets (music, acting, comedy, motion graphics, photography) to showcase their work for the school audience.

    Students can take this course more than once for credit.

    Prerequisites: Movie Production I, Media Communications, Improv, or instructor permission.

    Course Number F358                    1 Fine Arts OR Practical Arts credit        Grades 10-12

    This course will focus on the creation of high quality short films. Projects will incorporate larger group film- making as well as outside works for festivals and clients. Emphasis will be on advanced video DSLR use, lighting, scripting and storytelling. This course will allow you to build on your skills from Movie Production1 and fully explore video production in a more professional manner.

    Requirements: AVPA Film students are required to take this course after completing Movie Production I.

    Prerequisites: Movie Production I or EHSPN

    Course Number I106                     .5 Fine Arts OR Practical Arts credit       Grades 10-12

    Computer Animation I focuses on learning the basics of creating digital animation. Topics include how to create 2d and 3d models effectively and how to render still images and video. We will use industry standard animation software to create exciting 3d objects and short animations. If you possess a bit of computer savvy and have a passion for animation, this course is for you.

    In Computer Animation II see your hard work come alive! Employ the basic techniques learned in Computer Animation I to develop your own stories. You will finely tune modeling and animation skills while creating character animations.

    Course Number I043                     .5 Fine Arts OR Practical Arts credit       Grades 10-12

    The Web Design course teaches the fundamentals of web page design. The following topics will be covered: user experience (UX) design; user-centered design process; visual pathways; web design principles; the structure of the World Wide Web; HTML; CSS; and responsive web design using Bootstrap. This course features hands-on, project-based learning with students working on web pages that grow in functionality as the semester goes on.

    Course Number F090                    .5 Fine Arts OR Practical Arts credit       Grades 9-12

    Using the computer as an artistic medium, you will explore the creative process and create digital artworks. You will be introduced to current computer programs, Photoshop and Illustrator and will experiment with different ways the programs can be used to create digital art. In Photoshop you will learn about pixels, layers, layer masks and other tools. In Illustrator you will learn about vectors, creating custom illustrations, typography, logo development and marketing, and much more.

    Prerequisites: One of the following courses:  Art 1 (half or full year), Clay 1, Photography 1, Movie Production 1, Media Communications, Computer Animation I, or Web Design.

    Course Number I034                     1 Practical Arts credit                               Grades 9-12

    The Yearbook course provides students with experience in all areas of publishing to plan, produce and promote the EHS yearbook.

    This is a rigorous, deadline-driven course with real-world printer goals. Yearbook provides students will an introduction to a variety of professional fields, including: publishing; graphic design; photography; editing; marketing communications; sales; and business management. Collectively, students will contribute to the writing, photography and design of a target number of pages each month.

    Individually, students will be responsible for completing tasks related to their role (for example: Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Staff, MarComm Manager and Photo Editor). All Yearbook staff will be required to spend time outside of class to cover a variety of events, games and activities both during and after school.

    Students can take this course more than once for credit.

    Course Number I027                     .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 9-12

    In this course you will get to work with copper, brass, and real sterling silver to create rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.  You will work with torches to solder metals together and to make glass beads to include on pieces of your own design.  When you take this course for a second or third time you will further the skills developed during your first encounter with these materials and work with Precious Metal Clay (PMC), intricate sawing of sheet metal, chain creation, and other “more advanced” pieces.  This course fits nicely with the Visual Arts strand for students involved in the Academy for Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA).

    Course Number I030                     .5 Practical Arts credit                              Grades 9-12

    Wow - what a class! By manipulating tools and appliances you will learn about how machines can make our lives easier. We will investigate Newton’s Laws of motion and the mechanical advantages of hydraulic jacks, levers, ramps, and gears. How do I wire a house safely? What are the tricks for getting plumbing to NOT leak?

    How do small engines work (lawn mowers, chainsaws, weed whackers, etc.)?  Students will tear apart an appliance and share how it works with the class.

    We’ll even have an opportunity to use the FabLab equipment (Laser Engraver & 3D printer) on a project that demonstrates some forces learned earlier in the semester.  Get your hands into really fun THINGS through this course of hands-on discovery.