EWSD Central Office Administrative Directory

  • Superintendent | Beth Cobb
    Chief Operating Officer | Brian Donahue
    Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment | Amy Cole
    Director of Human Resources | Deb Anderson
    Co-Director of Student Support Services | Dylan McNamara
    Co-Director of Student Support Services | Erin Maguire
    Director of Technology | Vince Gonillo
    Communications Coordinator | Ben Dickie 

EWSD Central Offices

  • Use of Social Media: Online behavior should reflect the same standards of honesty, respect, and consideration used face-to-face.

    Any speech that is considered inappropriate in the classroom is inappropriate online. This includes, but is not limited to: profanity; racist, sexist or discriminatory remarks; and personal attacks.

    All EWSD policies and procedures are relevant when using social media. For example, using individual Facebook accounts to post personal complaints or sharing individual judgments about people or schools, can be disruptive to the educational process and the partnership we are striving to create between schools and families.

    Social media posts that occur outside the school building or the school day and become an issue in school, may be addressed by administration and/or law enforcement. These guidelines are pursuant with the prevention of harassment, hazing, and bullying policy and those of the responsible computer, network and internet use policy.