Child Nutrition Services

  • EWSD believes that, in order to achieve their full academic potential, students’ healthy eating patterns are essential. A well-planned and implemented school nutrition program positively influences students’ eating habits. Consuming a variety of nutritious foods promotes healthy growth and development, and provides the necessary energy for learning.

    Food and Beverages: Food and beverages are allowed at school during specified times and/or in designated areas. Unless approved by the principal, and at the discretion of the classroom teacher, consumption of snacks, candy, gum, and/or beverages isn’t permitted during instructional time.

    Free Lunch and Breakfast Program: Free meals are available for students if the family qualifies under federal guidelines. For families that qualify for reduced meals, they are now offered at no cost, with the State contributing to the “reduced” amount.

    Information regarding these programs will be sent home with students the first day of school and is also available at All information provided on these forms is kept strictly confidential. Please call the Child Nutrition Services Director at 879-5544 for more information. Applications can be filed at any time during the school year.

    Menus: Menus will be posted throughout the school, will be on the EWSD and school web-sites, and may be included in periodic newsletters and/or information sent home.

    Overdue Accounts: Parents/guardians are encouraged to monitor their student’s accounts closely. Parents/guardians/students can view account balances, items purchased, and register for email “low account” notifications at If a student’s account is negative, or a purchase creates a negative account balance, the student and parent/guardian will be notified. The EWSD Child Nutrition Services will follow-up with the parent/guardian to arrange for payment, or to assist with the application process for the Free Lunch and Breakfast Program. The EWSD Child Nutrition Services operates on a debit system - meaning all accounts must be prepaid and have a positive balance. If accounts become delinquent, the EWSD Child Nutrition Services may close a debit account and require cash purchases. If, during the year, family financial conditions change, please notify the EWSD Child Nutrition Services or the school principal for Free Lunch and Breakfast Program information and an application, which can be filed at any time during the school year.