• Parents who are visiting the school or dropping off or picking up children should park in designated areas and drive safely at all times, especially in the parking lot where there is considerable pedestrian traffic. School rules and policies are in effect on school buses to ensure student safety. We ask parents/guardians to cooperate with the school when informed of a problem. For everyone’s safety, students must be seated while the bus is in motion, and must be reasonably quiet. The bus driver is responsible for passenger safety and welfare, and is to be obeyed at all times. Students are expected to get on/off the bus in a quiet and orderly manner.

    School Bus Procedures: The EWSD Central Office in conjunction with the bus contractor establishes routes and designates stops after considering both the safety of children and efficiency of operation. This means some students may have to walk to a designated intersection to help all students arrive at school on time. Thank you to the parents, neighbors and older siblings that help keep students safe at bus stops.

    The transportation schedule is published on the District website each August. Students should be at bus stops ten minutes before the scheduled arrival time. Buses may be somewhat delayed at times due to traffic, inclement weather, or at the beginning of the school year when routes are first established. When it appears that the bus will be delayed by more than 15 minutes, the district will send a message to the parent’s designated phone number and email address, notifying them of the delay and if known, why the bus is running late. This will also be posted on Facebook and twitter. Bus routes can be reviewed by visiting the the district website.

    Since many bus routes are near capacity, students must have both parent permission and permission from the school office to ride a different bus. To arrange a routine alternative to bus transportation (for example, if parents wish to provide transportation), please send written notice to the principal.

    All students in grades K-12 may be assigned seats by the bus driver. For more information on transportation, go to the the EWSD website and click on the Transportation link.

    School Bus Stops: Students are expected to wait and be dropped off at the established bus stop every day unless individual accommodations are approved by the bus company and district. Students are accountable for their behavior while going to and from bus stops and while they are waiting for the bus. Parents are expected to handle any behavior difficulties which may be encountered at bus stops.

    School Bus Discipline: The District is responsible for monitoring student behavior while students are on the bus. Students are expected to keep themselves and others safe, to respect other students and to respect the transportation equipment. Students who do not follow the rules on the bus will be subject to disciplinary action. This includes, but is not limited to: striking another student; throwing objects; damaging bus seats, putting arms or head out of bus window, inappropriate/disrespectful language, standing in or blocking the aisles, or failure to comply with the bus driver’s directions. Parents and/or students will be liable for costs resulting from actions that cause damage.

    All buses are equipped with video cameras to ensure that drivers have access to objective and real-time evidence related to student behavior. Parents will not be allowed to view video recordings based on federal student privacy laws.

    Disciplinary Procedure: The bus driver will address the violation of the school bus rule with the student, complete an appropriate form and send it to the building principal and transportation contractor. Based on the infraction, the building Principal, Coordinator of Transportation or designee may speak with the student and advice parents that an infraction has occurred. Depending on the severity or number of infractions, transportation privileges may be suspended for a short period of time or for the remainder of the year. Parents are responsible for arranging alternate transportation for their child if this occurs.

    Athletic/Co-Curricular Transportation: Students are required to ride the bus to/ from all events for which the school provides transportation. Exceptions for alternative transportation must be requested in writing by the student’s parent/guardian, and must be approved by the athletics/activities director or coach/advisor in advance. Only a responsible adult may provide transportation. Under no circumstances will a student be permitted to ride with another student, or drive him/herself to an event. While on the bus, students are expected to adhere to the rules of the bus driver and bus company, and to pick up all trash before exiting the bus. School rules are in effect during all transportation times.

    Responsible Pickup and Drop Off: Parents who are visiting the school or dropping off or picking up children should drop off or park in designated areas and drive safely at all times near EWSD schools.

    Drivers should obey Vermont’s Idling law at all times which states that engines must be turned off when a vehicle is waiting or parked on school grounds.

    Students Bused to/from School: Students transported to/from school by bus must comply with safety rules/timetables for pick-up/drop-off. Students are required to be at the bus stop on time. The bus is not required to wait for students. Permission slips are required for any changes to normal drop-off/pick-up points.

    Use of Motor Vehicles on School Grounds by Students at EHS/CTE: All motor vehicle safety and parking issues are handled by the School Safety Coordinator’s Office. Parent/guardian/student concerns should be addressed to the School Safety Coordinator.

    The school district is not responsible for any damage incurred to any motor vehicle while parked on campus.

    Driving and parking on school grounds are privileges, not rights. Students who purchase parking permits are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Students purchase a parking permit and clearly displays it on the vehicle at all times. There is a non-refundable fee of $85 for each student parking space. Students register on a seniority basis.
    2. The school property speed limit shall not exceed 15 mph.
    3. Erratic or unsafe driving practices or parking violations could result in loss of parking/driving privileges on school grounds, and/or legal prosecution.
    4. All vehicles must use the established roads and must be properly registered with the State of Vermont. All off-road vehicles are prohibited on school grounds.
    5. Students are responsible to check for parking/driving updates through the Daily Announcements.
    6. Student vehicles are subject to search by school officials if there is reasonable suspicion to believe the vehicle, its passengers, or its contents are violation of school rules or policies. If appropriate, law enforcement will be contacted.

    Consequences (EHS/CTE Students): Violations of the guidelines are subject to the disciplinary consequences and enforcement practices including, but not limited to: parking tickets, the boot, towing, suspension of driving privileges, and loss of parking privileges. The school is not responsible for any damages or fines incurred due to a car being towed for violation of parking and driving rules. Students found to be in violation of EWSD parking and motor vehicle rules, and district policies, including drug, alcohol, and tobacco policies, may have their parking privileges revoked.

    Visitors: Visitors must park in approved areas and observe all regulations stipulated for students. Students who wish to park a car without a parking permit (for short-term only) on school grounds must obtain permission from the School Safety Coordinator and register the vehicle with him.